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BECCON is a regional English convention which, during the 1980's, published a convention booklet with each convention.  At least two of these were bibliographies of the Guest of Honour (a third, of Richard Cowper, was announced for 1985, but has not been seen and is believed not to exist).  More recently they also published the outstanding bibliography of E.C. Tubb.

While superficially very different, the basic coverage of the first two bibliographies is fundamentally the same.  The Bayley bibliography "attempts to cover all English language editions of all BJB's books and reprintings of his short fiction", excluding his extensive contributions to the juvenile comic-book field.  The Bulmer bibliography also concentrates on English-language fiction, excluding contributions to juvenile comic-books, but is less extensive in terms of reprints and, conversely, adds information on some other areas such as factual articles and fanzines.

The third volume is a very different matter being a very detailed (and extensive) annotated primary bibliography, including all known reprints (both English and foreign-language), together with a brief secondary bibliography.  The volume is particularly notable for the research done by the compilers in identifying Tubb's contributions outside the sf/fantasy genre under a variety of pseudonyms.

The three volumes are as follows:

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Price Notes
Barrington J. Bayley 1980 0.50 ($1.00)  
Ken Bulmer 2nd, 8/84 1.00  
E.C Tubb 1998 12.00  

Contact Details

I believe that the Bayley & Bulmer titles are long out of print, but the best bet would be to contact the man behind all the BECCON Publications:

Roger Robinson, 75 Rossyln Avenue, HAROLD WOOD, Essex, RH3 0RG, ENGLAND (

The Borgo Press

The Borgo Press was the brainchild of Michael Burgess (aka Robert Reginald) and was primarily concerned with publishing library editions of items from other small presses (including several of the other bibliography series listed here).  It's focus has always been on the library audience with the results that the books tend to be fairly expensive (although the author bibliographies are all available in trade paperback).   Note that prices were never quoted on the volumes themselves and were adjusted (for inflation) as time went by.

The series at question ("Bibliographies of Modern Authors") provide comprehensive annotated primary and secondary bibliographies of each author, with complete listings of all appearances of the author's books, short fiction, nonfiction, interviews, juvenilia, editorial credits, drama, verse and screen work, plus all known secondary works on the author, a chronology of the author's life, and index.  They are probably the most comprehensive of the modern bibliographies, hampered only by the fact that the publication cycle at The Borgo Press was so long that the cut-off date for each bibliography is typically some years before the volume actually appeared.

It is difficult to be sure exactly how many volumes there were in the series - at least 26 were announced, but some, at least, never appeared before the press folded.  The situation is further complicated by the fact that Burgess' own bibliography of bibliographies lists as published a number of volumes which have never appeared.  As far as I can tell, the latest editions are currently as follows:

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Notes
Brian Aldiss 1991  
Charles Beaumont 2nd, 1990 not seen
Gary Brandner 1995 not seen
Reginald Bretnor 1989 not seen
Elizabeth Chater 1995 not seen
Jack Dann 1989 not seen
Jeffrey M. Elliot 1984 not seen
Dean Ing 1990 not seen
Stephen King 1994 Superseded by Overlook Connection Press
Katherine Kurtz 1992  
Julian May 1984 not seen
Bruce McAllister 1986 not seen
William F. Nolan 2nd, 1997 not seen
Chad Oliver 1989 not seen
Robert Reginald 2nd, 1992 not seen
Ross Rocklynne 1989 not seen
Pamela Sargent 2nd, 1996 not seen
William F. Temple 1994  
Jack Vance 1994 distributed by Underwood/Miller
Ian Watson 1989  
Colin Wilson 1989 not seen
George Zebrowski 3rd, 1996 not seen

In addition, the following titles were announced and may, or may not, exist:

while the following announced titles definitely did not appear:

Contact Details

Ironically, for a publisher who did so much to preserve ephemera for a wider audience, The Borgo Press themselves closed their doors in 1999 and dispersed their remaining stock so there is no direct source for the remaining bibliographies. UK collectors would be best advised to contact the UK distributor, who may still have copies of some titles available:

Paupers' Press, 27 Melbourne Road, West Bridgford, NOTTINGHAM, NG2 5DJ, ENGLAND (

A version of the Borgo Press imprint was revived by The Wildside Press, but this does not seem to include the bibliographies.

Chris Drumm

Chris Drumm was best known as one of the top mail-order sf specialists in the USA, but in the 1980s he produced a series of bibliographies that were very similar in intent (and low price!) to the Galactic Central series.  During the 1990s, however, the demands of the mail order business left him no time for bibliographies and the series ground to a halt.  In 1998 the series was formally merged with Galactic Central, with Chris Drumm becoming the US agent for the Galactic Central series, and Galactic Central completing the final, unpublished, volume of the series (John Sladek).

Although most of the volumes in the series bear the modest title of "checklist", they are much more extensive than this, typically containing information on all published works by the author (fiction and non-fiction), listing all known English-language editions.  The earlier formats tend to favour economy over legibility (with very small, cramped, text) although this was relaxed in later volumes.

A total of twelve titles were published:

Subject of Bibliography

Latest Edition

Price Notes
Algis Budrys 1982   out of print
Hal Clement 1980   superseded by Galactic Central
Thomas M. Disch 1982   out of print
James Gunn 1984 $1.25 out of print
Charles L. Harness 1991   superseded by Galactic Central
R.A. Lafferty 2nd, 1991 $3.50  
J.T. McIntosh 1/87 $2.00  
Larry Niven 2nd, 6/90 $4.50  
Mack Reynolds 1983 $1.00 out of print
Jessica Amanda Salmonson 1992 $3.75  
Cordwainer Smith 1985 $3.00  
Richard Wilson 8/86 $2.00  

Contact Details

It is unclear which volumes are still available so the best bet is to contact the publisher at:

Chris Drumm Books, P.O. Box 445, POLK CITY, IA 50226, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (

Galactic Central Publications

Galactic Central was originally created by the late Gordon Benson, Jr. in the early 1980's as a way of providing the fannish community with cheap, but comprehensive, working bibliographies.  He was joined in the late 1980's by Phil Stephensen-Payne, who subsequently took over the reins when Gordon's health began to fail.  Most of the bibliographies are produced as A5 booklets, photocopied and side-stapled, although some of the more recent publications have been perfect-bound.  The intention is to keep all bibliographies permanently in print at all times and to offer them at a price that the average (impoverished) fan can afford.

The scope of the bibliographies has grown considerably over the years.  Initially only primary works of fiction in the English language were included, but 90% of the volumes now have a standard format containing seventeen separate sections including items such as poems, articles, and series as well as extensive coverage of secondary material.   Unique to this series (as far as we know) is a section listing "phantom titles" that have either been announced but not published or, at some time, have been erroneously credited to the subject of the bibliography.  Coverage of translations into languages other than English has also grown over the years and recent bibliographies contain comprehensive of translations into most major European languages.

There are currently 58 printed volumes in the series and the series is currently on hold because of pressures from other projects. It is likely that any further volumes will be made available online free of charge, although no definite plans are in place. The latest editions available are currently as follows:

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Price Notes
Brian Aldiss 2nd, 3/90 5.00 ($8.00) Superseded by Borgo Press
Grant Allen 11/99 5.00 ($7.50) Perfect-bound
Poul Anderson 5th, 6/89 4.50 ($7.50)  
Piers Anthony 9/90 2.00 ($3.50)  
Lloyd Biggle, Jr. 1/01 £2.00 ($3.00)  
Michael Bishop 3rd, 2/92 2.00 ($3.50)  
James Blish 8/96 7.00 ($10.50) Perfect-bound
Leigh Brackett & Edmond Hamilton 1/86 2.50 ($3.50)  
Marion Zimmer Bradley 3/91 2.50 ($4.00)  
John Brunner 3rd,11/89 3.00 ($5.00)  
A. Bertram Chandler 3rd, 5/03 3.00 ($4.50)  
C.J. Cherryh 5/92 2.00 ($3.50)  
John Christopher 2nd, 1/90 1.75 ($3.00)  
Michael G. Coney 7/02 £2.00 ($3.00)  
Hal Clement 4th,10/89 1.25 ($2.00)  
Stanton Coblentz 2/99 3.00 ($4.50) Perfect-bound
Ray Cummings 2/99 4.00 ($6.00) Perfect-bound
Philip K. Dick 4th, 2/95 6.00 ($9.00)  
Gordon R. Dickson 4th, 1/90 2.75 ($4.50)  
George Allan England 8/02 £4.00 ($6.00)  
Philip Jose Farmer 2nd, 7/90 2.75 ($4.50)  
Daniel F. Galouye 8/03 £2.00 ($3.00)  
Charles L. Harness 2nd, 1/01 2.00 ($3.00)  
Harry Harrison 4th, 8/89 3.00 ($5.00) Superseded by Tomlinson
Robert A. Heinlein 2/93 4.00 ($6.50)  
Frank Herbert 11/90 2.00 ($3.50)  
Cyril M. Kornbluth 2nd, 2/90 1.75 ($3.00)  
Keith Laumer 2nd, 3/90 2.00 ($3.50)  
Fritz Leiber 2nd,10/90 3.75 ($6.00)  
Barry N. Malzberg 1st, 10/03 £5.00 ($7.50)  
George R.R. Martin 2nd,12/89 1.50 ($2.50)  
Anne McCaffrey 5th, 8/06 £5.00/$10.00/€7.50  
C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner 4th, 4/96 6.00 ($9.00)  
Andre Norton 12/91 3.00 ($5.00) Superseded by NESFA
Edgar Pangborn 4th, 5/93 1.50 ($2.50)  
H. Beam Piper 4th, 4/94 1.50 ($2.50)  
Frederik Pohl 3/89 3.75 ($6.50)  
Jane Rice 7/08 free available online
Keith Roberts 5/93 2.00 ($3.50)  
Eric Frank Russell 3rd, 8/99 5.00 ($7.50) Perfect-bound
Fred Saberhagen 3/91 1.50 ($2.50)  
Bob Shaw 5th, 5/93 2.00 ($3.50)  
Perley Poore Sheehan 7/02 £2.00 ($3.00)  
Clifford D. Simak 6/91 3.00 ($5.00)  
John T. Sladek 8/98 3.00 ($4.50)  
Brian Stableford 4/97 5.00 ($7.50)  
Margaret St. Clair 3rd, 4/97 2.00 ($3.00)  
Theodore Sturgeon 1/89 2.75 ($4.50)  
William Tenn 4th, 5/93 1.50 ($2.50)  
James Tiptree, Jr. 10/88 1.25 ($2.00)  
Arthur "Bob" Tucker 4th, 5/94 1.50 ($2.50)  
A.E. van Vogt 5/97 5.00 ($7.50) Perfect-bound
Jack Vance 2nd, 4/90 2.75 ($4.50) Superseded by The Borgo Press
Manly Wade Wellman 3rd, 8/98 4.00 ($6.00)  
James White 2nd, 9/89 1.50 ($2.50)  
Jack Williamson 2nd, 4/85 1.75 ($3.00) Superseded by NESFA
Gene Wolfe 12/91 2.50 ($4.00)  
John Wyndham 3rd, 11/01 6.00 ($9.00)  
Roger Zelazny 8/91 3.00 ($5.00) Superseded by NESFA

UK Contact Details

Phil Stephensen-Payne, 'Imladris', 25A Copgrove Road, LEEDS, West Yorkshire, LS8 2SP, ENGLAND ( )

US Contact Details

Chris Drumm, P.O. Box 445, POLK CITY, Iowa 50226-0445, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (


Donald M. Grant

Don Grant is one of the best respected small presses, particularly for his volumes of Robert E. Howard and Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  Less well-known are the small number of bibliographies they have published over the years.

Although not a series, as such, each of the bibliographies is immaculately researched, covering just about anything you might reasonably (or even unreasonably!) want to know about the author.  The only disappointments is that the Robert E. Howard volume was published before the Howard boom of the 1980s and hence is, now, woefully incomplete.

The four volumes published to date are:

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Notes
Edgar Rice Burroughs 2001 Revised extensively from 1964 edition
Robert E. Howard 1976 Superseded by The Neverending Hunt
Talbot Mundy 1983  
Clark Ashton Smith 1978  

Contact Details

I do not know if any of the titles are still in print, but the publisher can be contacted at:


G.K. Hall

G.K. Hall are a general publisher of reference volumes for libraries and the series in question ("Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy") is no exception.  Aimed directly at rich academic libraries, the books were only available in extremely expensive hardbacks and tended to devote more space to secondary material than to works by the author himself.

Despite that, the volumes tended to be meticulously researched (usually with the assistance of the author) and often contained items not recorded elsewhere.  Entries are generally divided into the categories of fiction, miscellaneous media and non-fiction and are usually limited to very brief details of first publication.

Over a period of 5 years, 14 volumes were published covering a total of 18 authors.

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Notes
Lloyd Alexander, Evangeline Walton & Kenneth Morris 1981 not seen
J.G. Ballard 1982 not seen
Leigh Brackett, Marion Zimmer Bradley & Anne McCaffrey 1982 Brackett & Bradley superseded by Galactic Central edition; McCaffrey superseded by Hargreaves
Arthur C. Clarke 1980  
Samuel R. Delany 1979  
Gordon R. Dickson 1983 superseded by Galactic Central
Ursula K. Le Guin 1981 not seen
Andre Norton 1980 superseded by NESFA
Robert Silverberg 1981  
Clifford D. Simak 1978 superseded by Galactic Central
Theodore Sturgeon 1978 superseded by Galactic Central
Jules Verne 1979 not seen
Jack Williamson 1978 superseded by NESFA
Roger Zelazny 1979 superseded by NESFA

Contact Details

As far as I am aware, all of these volumes are long out of print, but some might be available from second-hand dealers.


From its modest origins as a publisher of tribute volumes for convention Guests of Honour, NESFA transformed themselves in the 1990s into a major small press, specialising in particular in collections of stories by unjustly neglected sf authors.  Many of these volumes contain a bibliography of the author in question, but NESFA have also recently branched out into publishing a small number of standalone bibliographies.

As yet there is no common format for the bibliographies - the Norton is a revised edition of the G.K. Hall volume and follows the format of that series (although with more emphasis on primary, rather than secondary, material); the Williamson was originally written for Borgo Press and follows the format of that series; the Zelazny was written to accompany the NESFA publication of Zelazny's short stories and is similar to the Underwood/Miller format.

The two volumes are:

Subject of Bibliography Latest Edition Notes
Andre Norton 11/94 Updates published on NESFA web site
Jack Williamson 1997  
Roger Zelazny 2011  

Contact Details

NESFA Press, Post Office Box 809, FRAMINGHAM, MA 01701-0203, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (

Overlook Connection Press

Overlook Connection Press is primarily a small press publisher of fiction, but appears to have inherited the mantle of The Borgo Press and has started producing a series of author bibliographies in the same style as Borgo (and in at least one case producing a new edition of a bibliography first published by Borgo) and, like them, provide comprehensive annotated primary and secondary bibliographies of each author, with complete listings of all appearances of the author's books, short fiction, nonfiction, interviews, juvenilia, editorial credits, drama, verse and screen work, plus a selection of secondary works on the author, a chronology of the author's life, and index.

Sadly they have abandoned the Borgo Press tradition of publishing trade paperback editions and, except for their first title (the Straub bibliography) the books are only available as very expensive hardbacks.

Subject of BibliographyLatest EditionNotes
Orson Scott Card2001 
Harlan Ellison n/k announced as imminent since 2005 at least
Stephen King2nd, 2002 
Peter Straub2000 

Contact Details

Overlook Connection Press, P.O. Box 526, Woodstock, GA 30188, USA (

Mark Owings

Strictly speaking, Mark does not belong here as he is a bibliographer rather than a publishing house.  However, in the early 1970s, he published a short series of bibliographies that were identical in format, but appeared from different publishers - the Anderson from T-K Graphics, the Heinlein & Schmitz from Croatan House, the Leinster from the Washington SF Association, and the Simak from The Electric Bibliograph.

Each volume lists all fiction (short fiction and books) in alphabetical order of title, with details of all appearances, both English and foreign-language translations, with very brief details of other items (such as non-fiction) afterwards.

Five volumes are known to exist:

Subject of BibliographyLatest EditionNotes
Poul Anderson1973Superseded by Galactic Central
Robert A. Heinlein1973Superseded by Galactic Central
Murray Leinster1969not seen
James H. Schmitz1973not seen
Clifford D. Simak1971Superseded by Galactic Central

Contact Details

As far as I am aware, all of these volumes are long out of print, but some might be available from second-hand dealers.


Ultramarine is best known for a series of luxury "collector's editions" of some mainstream sf novels in the 1980s but the publisher also produced a series of checklists of modern sf authors in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Unlike the Chris Drumm booklets, these really do deserve their title of "checklist", typically containing only details of fiction books by the author in question.  Although some of the volumes are more recent than those from other publishers, the more recent information is easily available from other sources (such as The Locus Index) making the more comprehensive bibliographies preferable.   However, for a significant number of authors, these represent the only bibliographies so far published.

I am aware of twelve titles in the series and, although there are rumours that Stephens updates them continually, the latest editions I am aware of are as follows:

Subject of Bibliography

Latest Edition

James P. Blaylock1991$3.95not seen
Samuel R. Delany1991$3.95inferior to G.K. Hall
Philip K. Dick1990$7.95superseded by Galactic Central
Thomas M. Disch1989$3.95inferior to Chris Drumm
K.W. Jeter1991$3.95not seen
Dean R. Koontz3rd, 1991$3.95 
Tim Powers1991$3.95not seen
Kim Stanley Robinson1991$3.95not seen
Lucius Shepard1991$3.95not seen
Wilson Tucker1991$3.95superseded by Galactic Central
Gene Wolfe1990$7.95superseded by Galactic Central
Roger Zelazny1990$3.95 superseded by NESFA

Contact Details

I do not know if the bibliographies are still in print, but the publisher can be contacted at:

Ultramarine Publishing, P.O. Box 303, HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, NY 10706, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


During the 1980's and 1990's, this small press gained an excellent, and well-deserved, reputation for the quality of their books.  Their brief foray into bibliographies were no exception and they set a standard that excelled all that went before, and has never been equalled since.  Not alone were the volumes comprehensive and extensively illustrated (with images of dozens of the works listed), but they were also priced within the reach of the average fan.  Obviously such perfection was not viable commercially and did not last long.

Each volume attempts to list "all published works" by the author in question, including foreign-language editions and reprints.  Each entry is also annotated by the compiler, and an indication is given of which items have been seen and which have been taken from other sources.  Typically some information is given on secondary works but this is rarely extensive.

Note that reprint rights to the series were acquired by Meckler Press who announced major new editions of some of the volumes and, strictly speaking, were the publisher of the Frank Herbert volume (although it has the same outward appearance as the other volumes).  In practice, however, the "new editions" proved simply to be overpriced, hardback, reprints aimed at the library market.

In total, only five titles appeared:

Subject of BibliographyLatest EditionNotes

L. Sprague de Camp


Philip K. Dickmid-1981superseded by Galactic Central
Frank Herbert1987superseded by Galactic Central
Jack Vanceearly-1978superseded by The Borgo Press
Roger Zelaznylate-1982 superseded by NESFA

Contact Details

As far as I am aware, the only volume still in print is the Jack Vance volume but, as Underwood-Miller themselves no longer exist, this is best looked for in specialist sf book shops.  Even though most of the older volumes are now somewhat obsolete in terms of content, they are still worth seeking out from second-hand dealers for the sheer quality of production.