The Collections

Short Stories
The Realms of Tartarus
The Cosmic Perspective/Custer's Last Stand (1985)
Sexual Chemistry (1991)
Fables & Fantasies (1996)
Swan Songs (2002)
Complications (2003)
Salome and Other Decadent Fantasies (2004)
Biotech Revolution: Designer Genes (2004)
The Wayward Muse (2005)
Sheena and Other Gothic Tales (2006)
Biotech Revolution: The Cure for Love (2007)
Biotech Revolution: The Tree of Life (2007)
An Oasis of Horror (2008)
  The Haunted Bookshop (2008)
  The Gardens of Tantalus (2008)
Empire of the Necromancers: The Shadow of Frankenstein (2008)
  The Innsmouth Heritage (2009)
  Changelings (2009)
Biotech Revolution: In the Flesh (2009)
  The Cosmic Perspective (2009)
  The Return of the Djinn (2009)
  Beyond the Colors of Darkness (2009)
Biotech Revolution: The Great Chain of Being (2009)
  The Best of Both Worlds (2009)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (2009)
  Valdemar's Daughter/The Mad Trist (2010)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein in London (2011)
The Womb of Time & The Legacy of Erich Zann (2011)
Biotech Revolution The Golden Fleece (2012)
  The Legacy of Erich Zann (2012)

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