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The Dictionary of Science Fiction Places

Short Stories

GILEAD, Margaret Atwood's sexually oppressive society in The Handmaid's Tale

A.E. van Vogts IMPERIAL CITY, the seat of power of the Isher dynasty, which ruled Earth, Mars, and Venus for nearly five thousand years.

MONARCH TOWER, the twenty-third-century New York skyscraper in Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man.

Isaac Asimov's utopian space habitat, ROTOR

These are but a few of the many places Brian Stableford visits in this extraordinary directory of the most famous and interesting locations, both on and off Earth, invented by writers of science fiction.

In fascinating detail, Stableford illuminates the history, geography, and inhabitants of the strange worlds created by more than 250 writers ranging from Cyrano de Bergerac and H. G. Wells to Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury.

Meticulously cross-referenced, with brilliant illustrations by the well-known fantasy and science fiction artist Jeff White, this unique volume is a browser's delight and first-class reference tool for every science fiction fan.

Cover Illustrations (L to R) by DKS, Tim Hildebrand, DKS

Published in 1999 by The Wonderland Press

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