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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Titles starting with 'Y'


  1. A Young Stamp Collector's Own Book (1933)   An introduction to stamp collecting for young readers. Stamp collecting was an interest of Butler throughout his entire life. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.  [EPBLIB]

Other Material

  1. VIGILANTES: Trenton Evening Times (August 20, 1918) "You Won't Care"   Article. "Member, Author's Committee American Defense Society." Trenton (New Jersey) Evening Times; August 20, 1918; p 6. Coshocton (Ohio) Tribune; August 28, 1918; p 3.  [NPA]

Periodicals (Prose)

    'Yankeedollardom' from Leslie's Weekly magazine (April 6, 1918)
  1. Leslie's Weekly (April 6, 1918)   "Yankeedollardom" Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. One illustration. "[The author] turns his mind to a more serious subject to show how the American Dollar will eventually defeat Germany." p 463, 480.  [EPBLIB]
  2. New York Times (March 24, 1911)   ""Yawp," "Yoppox," "Faryawp," "Yawpists," "Yawpers," "Jang," "Hellogram""   A letter to the editor. The first of four letters in a series. p 10.  [NYTIMES]
  3. Washington Post (December 28, 1902)   "The Year That Never Began"   A story. One illustration. "If you ask any one in Muggendorf when the cheese factory burned, or when the new town pump was set up, he will tell you at once that it was in the year that never began, and that is the same as saying the year that Gustaf came to Muggendorf." pg. 36, 1 pgs.  [WASHPOST]
  4. Every Week (April 7, 1933)   "Yes, It Sure is Terrible"   A story. Illustrated. Found in Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.  [NPA]
  5. American Magazine (May, 1921)   "You Folks in the Audience" Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. The author comments on his time spent on the lecture circuit including tips for speakers. p 41, 81-85.  [RGTPL]
  6. Short Stories (January, 1915)   "You Got T' Salute"   HARPER gives the full title of this publication as "Short Stories with Keith's House Plans," which may be a different publication than "Short Stories."  [HARPER]
  7. People's Popular Monthly (September, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  8. _____ (October, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  9. _____ (November, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  10. 'You Folks in the Audience' from American Magazine (May, 1921)
  11. _____ (December, 1919)   "You Know Best"   A story. Last of four parts. Illustrated. p 6, 26-27.  [HARPER]
  12. Blue Book (April, 1917)   "You Ought to Get Cash"   A Jabez Bunker story.  [HARPER]
  13. People's Home Journal (February, 1928)   "You Shall Be Queen"   Illustrated by John R. Neil. Set in Westcote, Long Island.  [EPBLIB]
  14. Harper's Monthly Magazine (September, 1905)   "Young Bob Kemp" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Two illustrations by T. Oakley.  [RGTPL]
  15. This Week (March 21, 1937)   "You're Fired, Pilkey!"    [HARPER]
  16. Puck (December 14, 1898)   "The Youth and the Sage"    [HARPER]

Periodicals (Poetry)

  1. Century Magazine (April, 1906)   "The Yarn of Captain Bill"   A poem. Four pages long. Illustrations by Frederic R. Gruger. p 975-978. Two pages missing in the copy in EPBLIB.  [RGTPL]

Related Materials

  1. What Grandpa Laughed At (1948) "The Year 1905"   "Homer Croy's roundup of the best in American Humor from the World's Fair 0f 1893 to the First World War." By Homer Croy. Duell, Sloan and Pearce. New York. Page 109.  [CHAPIN]


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