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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Titles starting with 'P'


  1. Perkins of Portland, Perkins the Great (October, 1906)   SEE CONTENTS.   Eight loosely related stories. NPA relates an inscription of this book as: "Perkins was "Great" in Chicago; Perkins was "Great" in St. Paul; But "Perkins" ain't "Great" on the book dealers shelves; For "Perkins" ain't selling at all." Boston: Herbert B. Turner. Also, London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1908.  [EPBLIB, NPA]
  2. Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective (September, 1918)
  3. Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective (September, 1918)   SEE CONTENTS.Click here to see a picture of this item.Seventeen of the Philo Gubb stories. Twenty illustrations. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  [EPBLIB]
  4. Pigs is Pigs (April, 1906)   The first published book edition of the story that made Butler famous. A Mike Flannery story. Originally published as a story in the American Magazine, September 1905. Five illustrations by Will Crawford. New York: McClure, Phillips and Company.  [EPBLIB]
  5. Pups and Pies (1927)   SEE CONTENTS.Click here to see a picture of this item.A collection of five previously published books: That Pup, Mike Flannery, On Duty and Off, The Thin Santa Claus, The Water Goats and Other Troubles and The Great American Pie Company. Illustrated. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page and Company.  [EPBLIB]

Other Material

  1. Indiana Democrat (June 2, 1897)   "Partners"   A poem. Same as Century Magazine. Indiana (Pennsylvania) Democrat; June 2, 1897. Massillon (Ohio) Independent; July 15, 1897.  [NPA]
  2. Betzville Tales (September 2, 1909)   "Philo Gubb and the Auto Hen"   Illustrated by Peter Newell. "Philo Gubb is one of the tenderest hearted men in Betzville. He hasn't the style necessary to mingle in our best society, but he has a good heart, and when his speckled hen died after setting on a nest of eggs for a week Philo's heart bled with pity for the motherless eggs." Printed this date in the Sheboygan (Wisconsin) Daily Press.  [NPA]
  3. MOTION PICTURE: Pigs is Pigs (1910)   Edison. Performer: Charles M. Seay.  [HARPER]
  4. MOTION PICTURE: Pigs is Pigs (July 17, 1914)   Vitagraph. Director: George D. Baker. Performers: John Bunny (b. 1863, d. 1915), Etienne Girardot, Cortland Van Deusen, William Shea, Albert Roccardi, Anders Randolf, George Stevens. Release date: July 17, 1914. Single reel. See IMDB.  [HARPER, IMDB]
  5. MOTION PICTURE: Pigs is Pigs (January 30, 1937)   Animated. Vitaphone (Merry Melodies). Director: Isadore 'Friz' Freleng (as I. Freleng). Release date 1/30/37. Animation: Bob McKimson, Paul Smith. Music: Carl W. Stalling. Voice talent: Billy Bletcher. MPAA 2939. Available on video "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, Vol. 3." See IMDB and BCDB. This is the same title as the Butler piece, but it's not an adaptation and it's not at all the same story. (It's listed here only because of the common title.) Synoposis: "A gluttonous little pig dreams he's force-fed by an evil scientist."  [IMDB]
  6. ADAPTATION: Pigs is Pigs (June 20, 1945)   Syndicated radio program. The Yankee Players. The Yankee Network. 20-JUN-1945, 7:30pm.  [HARPER]
  7. ADAPTATION: Pigs is Pigs (October 31, 1945)   CFRC, the campus radio station of Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), broadcasts "Pigs Is Pigs" by the Radio Workshop of the Queen's Drama Guild, under Dr. William Angus. See WEB.  [WEB]
  8. ADAPTATION: Walt Disney's Treasury (1953) "Pigs is Pigs"   Adaptation. Walt Disney's retelling of the "Pigs is Pigs" story, told in verse. This is the same text as that used in the cartoon in 1954. Arranged by Steffi Fletcher and Jane Werner. Pictures by Walt Disney Studio. Adapted by Dick Kelsey. Assisted by Dick Moores. This same text appears in later Golden Book editions with similar Walt Disney titles through at least 1991. New York: Simon and Schuster. p 121-125.  [EPBLIB]
  9. MOTION PICTURE: Pigs is Pigs (May 21, 1954)   Animated in Technicolor. RKO (Walt Disney). Director: Jack Kinney. Academy Award Nomination. See IMDB and BCDB. Unlike the 1937 cartoon (which is an altogether different story with the same title), this is truly a derivative work. While it's the same story, the filmmakers show no desire to follow the original text. This story is told in rhyme. Flannery (no first name) is still the station agent but his customer is now McMorehouse. This short (directed by Jack Kinney, story by Leo Salkin and animation by John Sibley) was nominated for an Academy Award (Short Subjects - Cartoons). This cartoon was shown during the week starting Thursday May 27, 1954 in the Radio City Music Hall theatre.  [IMDB]
  10. BOOK: Pigs is Pigs (1990)   Miniature hardcover book. Also, miniature paperback book published the same year. Evanston IL: The Press of Ward Schori.  [HARPER, WEB]
  11. BOOK: Pigs is Pigs and Other Favorites (1965)   SEE CONTENTS.   A collection of Butler's works. New York: Dover Publication, Inc. ISBN 0-486-21532-6.  [HARPER]
  12. ADAPTATION: Pigs is Pigs: A Comedy in One Act (1911)   A play. By John Jex. Copyrighted but unpublished(?).  [HARPER]
  13. Betzville Tales (November 5, 1909)   "Pilgath Gubb's Auto-House"   Illustrated by Peter Newell. Printed this date in the Sheboygan (Wisconsin) Daily Press.  [NPA]
  14. 'Plagiarists Are Thieves' from Plagiarism the 'Art' of Stealing Literary Material (1931)
  15. BOOK: Plagiarism the "Art" of Stealing Literary Material (1931) "Plagiarists Are Thieves" Click here to see a picture of this item.By Maurice Salzman of the California Bar. Butler received a byline for Chapter VI. Los Angeles: Parker, Stone and Baird Co. p 66-73.  [EPBLIB]
  16. American Magazine (December, 1905)   "Portrait"   This issue includes a photograph of the author including the commentary: "This magazine has received hundreds of inquiries regarding the author of 'Pigs is Pigs,' in the September number. Mr. Butler will contribute a series of whimsical stories to the magazine next year." p 121.  [EPBLIB]
  17. Book News Monthly (October, 1909)   "Portrait"   Includes a photograph of Ellis Parker Butler with the caption "One of our most entertaining humorists" on page 101. There may be more, but the copy in EPBLIB is missing pages 99 and 100. Also, there's an ad that includes "Kilo" on page 23.  [EPBLIB]
  18. The Best Stort Stories of 1918 (1918) "Portrait" Click here to see a picture of this item.Edited by Edward J. O'Brien (b. 1890, d. 1941). Small, Maynard and Company. Boston. 441 pages. O'Brien was killed in the WWII blitz of London.  [BEST]
  19. Ladies' Home Journal (June, 1925)   "Portrait"   Published in the "Our Family Album" section. Includes a photo of the author and three paragraphs of biography. p 138.  [RGTPL]
  20. Sunset Magazine (July, 1925)   "Portrait"   This issue includes a bio and photo of the author.  [EPBLIB]
  21. St. Nicholas Magazine (November, 1935)   "Portrait"   Cited by CHAPIN and listed in RGTPL, this portrait of the author consists of a single paragraph and a black and white photo on page 1.  [CHAPIN, RGTPL]
  22. 'Portrait' from The Best Stort Stories of 1918 (1918)
  23. Dutch Treat Club Year Book (2004)   "A Prolific Founding Father"   By Bob Essman and Al Rosenfeld. A short biographical sketch. Ninety-Ninth Anniversary edition. Limited to 500 copies. p 43-44.  [EPBLIB]


  1. Pageant of American Humor (1948)   Edited by Edwin Seaver. Cleveland: World Publishing Company.  [MISC]
  2. Roger Caras' Treasury of Great Horse Stories (1990) "Pete, the Circassian Horse"   Compiled by Roger Caras. Truman Talley Books. New York: E. P. Dutton. Also published in 1993 by Galahad Books, New York. LOC 89-38832. ISBN 0-88365-840-2.  [EPBLIB]
  3. 20 Best Short Stories in Ray Long's 20 Years as an Editor (1932) "Philo Gubb, The Correspondence School Detective"   Printed in Philo Gubb as "The Hard-Boiled Egg." Crown Publishers. New York. Ray Long was the editor of several magazines including Red Book, Cosmopolitan and The Ladies' Home Journal.  [EPBLIB]
  4. Laugh Your Head Off! (1945) "Philo Gubb, The Correspondence School Detective"   Printed in Philo Gubb as "The Hard-Boiled Egg." This is a miniature book, only 3x4.5 inches. Royce Publishers. Chicago. Originally came attached to a Get-Well card. Outside of card shows a dog in bed reading a book called "Funny Stories." The card says "This card will help you feel better!" Inside the dog is holding the book that contains complete stories by Damon Runyon, Ring Lardner, O. Henry, Roarke Bradford, Edward Streeter and, of course, Ellis Parker Butler.  [EPBLIB]
  5. 'Philo Gubb's Greatest Case' from Mississippi River Tales (1988)
  6. Mississippi River Tales (1988) "Philo Gubb's Greatest Case" Click here to see a picture of this item.Edited by Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg. "From the American Storytelling Tradition" Little Rock: August House Publishers. ISBN 0-87483-067-2 (paperback). p 52-70. Also, a portrait of the author on page 199.  [EPBLIB]
  7. Short Stories For Study and Enjoyment (1929) "Pig is Pigs"   Edited by Harold Thomas Eaton (b.1894). A textbook, this volume includes a lengthy biography of the author and section with questions. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc. Reprinted several times including 1930 (Doubleday), 1934 (Odyssey Press), 1951, 1959 (Odyssey Press).  [EPBLIB]
  8. A Treasury of the Familiar (1942) "Pigs is Pigs"   Edited by Ralph L. Woods. New York: Macmillan & Co.  [MISC]
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  10. World's Greatest Humorous Stories (1944) "Pigs is Pigs"   It's the first story in the book, but that may be because it was the earliest work included. Introduction by Irvin S. Cobb. Cleveland and New York: World Publishing Company.  [EPBLIB]
  11. World's Great Humorous Stories (May, 1945) "Pigs is Pigs"   Hardbound. Collection of 23 stories. The World Publishing Company.  [EBAY]
  12. Best American Humorous Short Stories (1945) "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Edited By Robert N. Linscott. The Modern Library. New York: Random House.  [EBAY, WEB]
  13. 'Pigs is Pigs' from Best American Humorous Short Stories (1945)
  14. A Treasury of Laughter (1946) "Pigs is Pigs"   Includes two original illustrations by Lucille Corcos. Edited by Louis Untermeyer. Simon and Schuster. New York.  [EPBLIB]
  15. The Bedside Book of Humor (1948) "Pigs is Pigs"   Includes seven original illustrations. Also includes "The Kennel and the Cat Coop." Editor Mathilda Schirmer. Chicago: People's Book Club.  [EPBLIB]
  16. Reader's Digest Junior Omnibus (1950?) "Pigs is Pigs"   London: Readerís Digest Association. pp 171.  [WEB]
  17. An Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor (1954) "Pigs is Pigs"   The anthology has a geographical orientation and Butler is assigned to the Midwest (he was born in Iowa). Editor Bennett Cerf. Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, Inc.  [EPBLIB]
  18. A Treasury of Humor and Toastmaster's Handbook (1955) "Pigs is Pigs"   Also includes "The Kennel and the Cat Coop." Compiled by Marjorie Barrows, Mathilda Schirmer, Bennett Cerf. New York: Grolier Incorporated.  [EPBLIB]
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  21. 'Pigs is Pigs' from Tall Short Stories (1959)
  22. Tall Short Stories (1959) "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Edited by Eric Duthie. New York: Simon and Schuster. Also, paperback version by New York: Ace Books, 1959.  [EPBLIB]
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  28. Strawberries and Other Secrets (1970) "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.No illustrations. Selected and edited by James A. MacNeill and Glen A. Sorestad. Thomas Nelson and Sons (Canada) Limited. ISBN 0-176-33040-2.  [EPBLIB]
  29. 'Pigs is Pigs' from Strawberries and Other Secrets (1970)
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  33. One Hundred Choice Selections (1915) "The Politeness of William Higgel"   Volume 40. Edited by Phineas Garrett. Philadelphia.  [HARPER]

Periodicals (Prose)

    'Pansies for Thoughts' from Fruit Garden and Home magazine (October, 1923)
  1. Fruit Garden and Home (October, 1923)   "Pansies for Thoughts" Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. "Let your garden solve your problem." p 9-10.  [HARPER]
  2. Century Magazine (April, 1900)   "Pap Briggs's Phenomenal Hen-Food"   A story. Later printed in Kilo as chapter 19, "Pap Briggs' Hen Food." With three drawings by Frederic Dorr Steele. Published in the "In Lighter Vein" section. p 962-965.  [RGTPL]
  3. Washington Post (December 8, 1912)   "Papa Pochard's Tree"   A story. Illustrations by Adrien Machefert. p SMA5+.  [WASHPOST]
  4. Judicious Advertising (March, 1904)   "The Paplinger Substitution"    [HARPER]
  5. Red Book (March, 1916)   "The Parmiller Pounds"   A Philo Gubb story.  [HARPER]
  6. Mother's Magazine (March, 1916)   "The Party"    [HARPER]
  7. Girl's Own Paper (September, 1917)   "The Party"   A story. Illustrated by Gordon Browne. Volume 38 #12. p 635+.  [FICTIONMAGS]
  8. Lippincott's Monthly Magazine (March, 1907)   "Pat Cronin and the Foretellin' Lady" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover.  [RGTPL]
  9. National Magazine (June, 1901)   "The Patience of Snooks Rogers"    [HARPER]
  10. 'Pat Cronin and the Foretellin' Lady' from Lippincott's Monthly Magazine (March, 1907)
  11. Muscatine Journal (December 30, 1953)   "Pearls From the Past"   Extracted from the Muscatine Library Newsletter.  [WEB]
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  14. _____ (February, 1937)   "Pecktown Pirates" Click here to see a picture of this item.A serial. Part Three of Three. Illustrated by Enos B. Comstock.  [RGTPL]
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  19. Blue Book (August, 1914)   "The Perfectly Lovely Lady"    [HARPER]
  20. 'Perkins the Great' from Judicious Advertising magazine (September, 1904)
  21. Judicious Advertising (September, 1904)   "Perkins the Great" Click here to see a picture of this item.A Perkins of Portland story.  [HARPER]
  22. _____ (October, 1904)   "Male and Female Orders"   A Perkins of Portland story.  [HARPER]
  23. _____ (November, 1904)   "The Great Toodles Campaign"   A Perkins of Portland story.  [HARPER]
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  29. 'Pete, the Circassian Horse' from Saturday Evening Post magazine (September 23, 1905)
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  38. _____ (April, 1915)   "Philo Gubb's Greatest Case"   "The correspondence school deteckative is engaged to solve the mystery of the murder of H. Smitz." A Philo Gubb story. Illustrated by Rea Irvin. p 1191-1201.  [HARPER]
  39. 'Philo Gubb and the Un-burglars' from Red Book magazine (July, 1913)
  40. Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (March, 1943)   "Philo Gubb's Greatest Case"   The last chapter of the Philo Gubb book printed in 1918. Includes a lengthy paragraph about Philo Gubb (and the author) by the editor.  [EPBLIB, PULP]
  41. Red Book (May, 1913)   "Philo Gubb, The Correspondence School Detective"   First appearance of Philo Gubb as a "deteckative." This story was later printed as "The Hard-Boiled Egg," the first chapter of Philo Gubb. Illustrated by Rea Irvin.  [EPBLIB]
  42. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (January 8, 1911)   "The Philosophy of Love"   A story. The copy in EPBLIB is from the Minneapolis Tribune Sunday Magazine. "S. Potts and Daniel." Illustrated by Dan Sayre Groesbeck. p 8, 17-18.  [HARPER]
  43. Pictorial Review (December, 1921) Click here to see a picture of this item.Unspecified item per eBay auction.  [EBAY]
  44. American Magazine (September, 1905)   "Pigs is Pigs"   Original publication of the famous story. With drawings by Will Crawford. The original Mike Flannery story. This publication is a continuation of "Leslie's Monthly Magazine." The name was changed to "American Illustrated Magazine" for the first time with this issue. p 496-502.  [RGTPL]
  45. Good Literature (October, 1906)   "Pigs is Pigs"   Includes the Crawford illustrations.  [EPBLIB]
  46. Golden Book Magazine (October, 1925)   "Pigs is Pigs"   No illustrations, but there is a reproduction of Butler's autograph, complete with the drawing of a pig. The magazine's editor wrote: "Everybody whose memory goes back twenty years remembers 'Pigs is Pigs.' I believe the little book reached a million circulation."  [EPBLIB]
  47. 'Pigs is Pigs' from John O'London's Weekly magazine (December 4, 1926)
  48. John O'London's Weekly (December 4, 1926)   "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Vol XVI. No. 398. Edited by Wilfred Whitten (John O'London). Published by George Newnes LTD., publishers of The Strand Magazine, etc.; London. Popular British literary magazine similar to T. P.'s Weekly with the backing of the Newnes distribution network. Considered by some critics to be PR fluff for publishers with literary gossip. Christmas Number.  [EBAY]
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  51. Reader's Digest (February, 1937)   "Pigs is Pigs"   Abridged.  [EPBLIB]
  52. Washington Post (September 14, 1937)   "Pigs Is Pigs"   An article. "It is no reflection on the twenty-odd books written by Ellis Parker Butler to say that 'Pigs Is Pigs' is the one which will always come to mind when his name is mentioned. The fact that he added two dozen others to American book shelves after his famous story of the prolific qualities of guinea pigs is proof that it was no mere flash in ..." pg. 8, 1 pgs.  [WASHPOST]
  53. _____ (October 20, 1910)   "Pigs is Pigs is Cited"   An article. "'Pigs is pigs,' a humorous story by Ellis Parker Butler, that convulsed the nation some years ago, was referred to yesterday in the United States Supreme Court by the government as an "authority" for its argument in defense of the constitutionality of the so-called 'Carmack amendment' to the Hepburn rate law." pg. 2, 1 pgs  [WASHPOST]
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  56. 'The Pishylogical Momentum' from Success Magazine (May, 1923)
  57. Success Magazine (May, 1923)   "The Pishylogical Momentum" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Illustrated by Ralph Pallen Coleman. "The humorous tale of a country minister and a devastating press agent." p 22-25, 70-72.  [HARPER]
  58. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (November 13, 1910)   "The Pitfalls of High Society"    [HARPER]
  59. Seng Book (July, 1926)   "Playing the Game" Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover. Published by The Seng Company, World's Largest Makers of Furniture Hardware, 1450 Dayton Street, Chicago, Illinois. Illustrated by John Fullin (sp?). Vol. 1 No. 2. p 9-11, 35-37.  [EPBLIB]
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  61. Pleiades Club Year Book (1916)   "A Specimen of Prose Libre"   Satire. "Invented by Ellis Parker Butler" Illustrated by Jo Lemon. Book is dated 1915-1916. Printed by Howard A. Dudley Company, New York. p 84-85.  [HARPER]
  62. Independent (April 1, 1922)   "The Plesiosaurus in Politics"   A Judge Hooper story. One illustration by Tony Sarg. Many of the illustrations by Sarg of the Judge Hooper series of stories have a caricature of Judge Hooper, this one has a caricature of Butler. p 329-30.  [EPBLIB]
  63. Magazine World (April, 1929)   "Poetification" Click here to see a picture of this item.  [EBAY]
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  68. Argosy (September 17, 1932)   "Pollywog Pearls" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "River treasure sets a thief trap." One illustration. "Fate had delivered Jim the Dip to the river, but the river was to make the most startling delivery of all." Volume 232. Number 5. p 81-87.  [ARGOSY, PULP]
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  71. American Magazine (December, 1919)   "Poor Old Ellis Parker Butler is 50 This Month"   "And glad of it! Here is his own story of how he feels at the half-century mark." An essay. Includes a photo of the author and his family, credited to L. L. Butler (relation?), Chicago, Ill.  [RGTPL]
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Related Materials

    'Pigs is Pigs' from Sears Catalog (1918)
  1. Sears Catalog (1918) "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Sears sold copies of Pigs is Pigs for twenty-five cents in their 1918 catalog.  [MISC]
  2. Putnam's Investment Handbook (1919) "Bonds Are Certainly Bonds"   An extended quotation. Book by Albert W. Atwood. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York. p 82-90.  [GOOGLE BOOKS]


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