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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Titles starting with 'I'


  1. In Pawn (1921)   A novel. Four illustrations by R. L. Lambdin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  [EPBLIB]
  2. The Incubator Baby (September, 1906)
  3. The Incubator Baby (September, 1906) Click here to see a picture of this item.A novella in three chapters. Four illustrations by May Wilson Preston. New York and London: Funk and Wagnalls Company.  [EPBLIB]

Other Material

  1. BOOK: Writing Books for Boys and Girls (1952) "I Was the Boy Whom That Tomboy Mopped Up"   Edited by Helen Ferris. Garden City, New York: Junior Literary Guild/Doubleday. p 181-2.  [HARPER]
  2. BOOK: I Wish I Had Not Been a Well-Frog (1920?)   Reprinted from the March 1920 issue of the American Magazine. Chicago: Harris Trust & Savings Bank. pp 20.  [HARPER, WORLDCAT]
  3. MOTION PICTURE: In the Dark (1916)   Serial. Director: Pierce Kingsley. Performers: Edwin Stevens, May Trado. Script available on microfilm #LU9272 from the Library of Congresss.  [HARPER]
  4. American Girl (January, 1931)   "Introducing Some 'American Girl' Authors and Artists"   This article has short profiles of regular contributors to The American Girl, including Butler (with a photograph). p 26-27.  [EPBLIB]
  5. BOOK: The Talmadge Sisters (1924) "Introduction"   This book is subtitled "Norma Constance Natalie An Intimate Story of the World's Most Famous Screen Family By Their Mother." Introduction by Ellis Parker Butler. Philadelphia and London: J. B. Lippincott Company. p 5-8.  [EPBLIB]
  6. BOOK: Putnam's Two-Way Question Book (1927) "Introduction"   With Interlocking Answers. A book of crossword puzzles. By Eugene Sheffer. The Knickerbocker Press. New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons. p v-vi.  [EPBLIB]


  1. A Diamond of Years (1961) "Interlude"   A story. (This story originally appeared in the July, 1927 issue.) This book is subtitled "The Best of the Woman's Home Companion." Edited by Helen Otis Lamont. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc.  [HARPER]
  2. International Short Stories (1934) "The Kennel and the Cat Coop"   Edited by Virginia Woodson Church. Dallas, Chicago, New York, San Francisco: Lyons & Carnahan. LC Control Number 34009918. p 363-385. Also, there is a one-page biography of the author on page 362.  [EPBLIB]

Periodicals (Prose)

  1. Woman's Home Companion (June, 1927)   "I Beg your Pardon"   A story. Illustrated by Frederick Chapman. p 16-17, 128-30.  [RGTPL]
  2. Appleton's Magazine (May, 1909)   "I Gae Doon the Doone Dune"   Satire. "An Unwritten Chapter from R. D. Blackmore's Lorna Doone." Illustrated by Horace Taylor. p 581-88.  [EPBLIB]
  3. American Magazine (January, 1919)   "I Gather Too Many Goat-Feathers - Do You?"   This is the same essay as Goat-Feathers with a different (if similar) title. Includes a full-page photo of the author. "Twelve years ago Ellis Parker Butler set the whole country laughing over "Pigs is Pigs." He followed that shot out of his locker with "The Incubator Baby," "The Great American Pie Company," "Water Goats," and other wonderful yarns. He was born forty-nine years ago in Muscatine, Iowa, is married, and now lives in Flushing, a suburb of Brooklyn. He has four children, one of whom is shown here." Volume 87. Number 1.  [RGTPL]
  4. Popular Radio (September, 1922)   "I Install My Receiving Set"   An article. "This article is written for the purpose of giving sound and practical help to the layman who puts up his own radio apparatus with no more experience than that possesed by the author." Includes several black and white photographs of the author. p 26-33.  [HARPER]
  5. American Magazine (October, 1925)   "I'm The Champion Free-Rider Of The World"   A story. Drawings by Tony Sarg.  [RGTPL]
  6. _____ (March, 1920)   "I Wish I Had Not Been a Well-Frog"   An essay.  [RGTPL]
  7. Bookman (March, 1925)   "The Idealist"   A story. Illustrations by Margaret Freeman. p 13-21.  [BEST, RGTPL]
  8. Muscatine Journal (March 16, 1925)   "The Idealist"   A story. Reprinted from Bookman, March 1925.  [HARPER]
  9. D. A. C. News (February, 1928)   "If Trader Horn Had Written the Old Testament"    [HARPER]
  10. Printer's Ink (September 22, 1932)   "If You Don't Show Any Petals You Grow No Apples"    [HARPER]
  11. McCall's (October, 1927)   "If You're Just a Woman With Some Money"   An essay. "America's Greatest Humorist who is also a Bank Director in his off hours Tells What To Do"  [EPBLIB]
  12. Maclean's (September 15, 1934)   "The Ill Wind"    [HARPER]
  13. Red Book (September, 1917)   "In His Own Boat"   A Shagbark Jones story.  [HARPER]
  14. 'In Memoriam' from Dutch Treat Club Year Book (1938)
  15. Dutch Treat Club Year Book (1938)   "In Memoriam" Click here to see a picture of this item.Ellis Parker Butler's name appears on a page listing those members who had died during the year since the last year book: Robert S. Ament, Arthur McKeogh, Vivian Burnett, Robert Lyman, Ellis Parker Butler, Robert Winsmore, Don Marquis, William H. Walker, Arthur H. Samuels.  [EPBLIB]
  16. Munsey's Magazine (December, 1917)   "In Pale-Pink Pajamas"    [HARPER]
  17. _____ (April, 1921)   "In Pawn"   Part 1. Illustrated by R. L. Lambdin. Not indexed in PULP.  [HARPER]
  18. _____ (May, 1921)   "In Pawn"   Part 2. Illustrated by R. L. Lambdin.  [HARPER, PULP]
  19. _____ (June, 1921)   "In Pawn"   Part 3. Illustrated by R. L. Lambdin. "A small-town comedy drama of the Middle West." Not indexed in PULP. p 131-148.  [HARPER]
  20. _____ (July, 1921)   "In Pawn" Click here to see a picture of this item.Part 4.  [HARPER, PULP]
  21. _____ (August, 1921)   "In Pawn"   Part 5.  [HARPER, PULP]
  22. Puck (January 8, 1896)   "In the 20th Century"    [HARPER]
  23. Red Book (June, 1916)   "In the Dark!"   A Philo Gubb story. "The twenty-seventh of the stories of Philo Gubb, the famous correspondence-school detective." Illustrated by Rea Irvin. p 351+  [HARPER]
  24. 'In Pawn' from Munsey's Magazine (July, 1921)
  25. Yale Review (June, 1931)   "In the Lightest Vein"   "Review of W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman, 1066 and All That, and Robert Benchley, The Treasurer's Report and other Aspects of Community Singing."  [HARPER]
  26. Leslie's Monthly (September, 1904)   "In the Next Cot"   A story. With drawings by A. W. Brown. "A great beer wagon loomed just ahead." p 550-556.  [HANNIGAN]
  27. New Story Magazine (December, 1911)   "In Time For Tea"    [HARPER]
  28. National Magazine (July, 1898)   "The Incompleat Angler"    [HARPER]
  29. Good Housekeeping (November, 1904)   "The Incubator Baby"   A story. Part 1. Illustrated by May Wilson Preston. p 508-515.  [HARPER]
  30. _____ (December, 1904)   "The Incubator Baby"   A story. Part 2. Illustrations by May Wilson Preston. p 642-9.  [HARPER]
  31. _____ (January, 1905)   "The Incubator Baby" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Part 3 of 3. With illustrations by May Wilson Preston. p 45-50.  [HARPER]
  32. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (October, 1935)   "Indian Giver"    [HARPER]
  33. Red Book (December, 1915)   "The Inexorable Tooth"   A story. Illustrated by Rea Irvin. "Philo Gubb, the correspondence school 'deteckative,' takes the trail again." "The foremost Humorist in America." This story is not in the Philo Gubb book.  [EPBLIB]
  34. 'The Incubator Baby' from Good Housekeeping magazine (January, 1905)
  35. Every Week (August 23, 1936)   "The Inferno of Lonzo Berks"   A story. Illustrated by Ethel Hays. Found in the Lima (Ohio) News.  [NPA]
  36. Judge's Library (June, 1912)   "The Infinite"   A story.  [EPBLIB]
  37. Judicious Advertising (February, 1904)   "The Injudicious Advertising of Mr. Silas Boggs"   A Perkins of Portland story. Retitled as "The Adventure of Mr. Silas Boggs" in Perkins of Portland.  [HARPER]
  38. Short Stories (October, 1911)   "The Ink Bottle"    [HARPER]
  39. Red Book (February, 1913)   "The Innermost Heartbeat"    [HARPER]
  40. New Story Magazine (August, 1911)   "The Innocence of Mr. Canning"    [HARPER]
  41. Atlantic Monthly (November, 1930)   "An Innocent Abroad"   A review of the book A Tourist in Spite of Himself by A. Edward Newton.  [HARPER]
  42. Pictorial Review (June, 1932)   "Innocents in Gomorrah"   A story. "Aunt Emma lost her way, father lost his wits, but Parbury lost everything, including his heart." Illustrated by Harry Beckhoff.  [RGTPL]
  43. Woman's Home Companion (July, 1927)   "Interlude"   A story. Illustrated by Frederic Dorr Steele.  [RGTPL]
  44. 'International Skull and Cross Bones, Ltd.' from Saturday Evening Post magazine (November 28, 1903)
  45. Saturday Evening Post (November 28, 1903)   "International Skull and Cross Bones, Ltd." Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "A Practical Example of the Principles of 'High Finance.'" Drawn by Martin Justice. p 6-8, 26, 28.  [HANNIGAN]
  46. New Yorker (September 13, 1930)   "The 'Interoceanic Magazine' Takes After the Radio" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor. This piece (with many significant differences in the text) was also included in Hunting the Wow under the title "If Magazines Did." p 78-80.  [HARPER]
  47. Saturday Evening Post (June 23, 1923)   "Into Each Life"   A story. The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover. Cover by Norman Rockwell "Summer Vacation."  [RGTPL]
  48. Independent (January 21, 1922)   "The Irish Settlement"   A Judge Hooper story. One illustration by Tony Sarg. Volume 108. Number 3801. p 59.  [EPBLIB]
  49. Authors' League Bulletin (December 1917 - January, 1918)   "Is Iowa a Foreign Country?"    [HARPER]
  50. Better Homes and Gardens (January, 1926)   "Is the Radish Unconstitutional?" Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. "The First Thought of Man Is to Amend Something." p 17-18,45.  [HARPER]
  51. Association Men (August, 1925)   "Is Your Face a Map of the Land of Woe?"    [HARPER]
  52. Film Fun (September, 1921)   "It Might Be" Click here to see a picture of this item.Commentary. Cutting criticism of the American acceptance of the post World War I German film industry. p 9.  [EPBLIB]
  53. 'It Ran Over Rabbits' from Motor magazine (January, 1931)
  54. Motor (January, 1931)   "It Ran Over Rabbits" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Annual show number. Illustrations by Gordon Ross. Includes a photo of the author. Motor is "The Automotive Business Paper" published by International Magazine Company, Inc. Vol. LV. No I. p 104-105, 264, 266.  [HARPER]
  55. Short Stories (December, 1910)   "The Ivory Miniature"   As Sage O. Vesey.  [HARPER]
  56. Judge (June 8, 1912)   "Ixtlilxochitl"    [HARPER]

Periodicals (Poetry)

  1. National Magazine (January, 1900)   "If the End of the World Should Come"    [HARPER]
  2. Munsey's Magazine (October, 1897)   "Immortality"   A poem in eight verses. Volume 18. Page 24.  [EPBLIB]
  3. Puck (April 7, 1897)   "Incarcerated"    [HARPER]

Related Materials

  1. Iowa Heritage Illustrated (Fall, 2003)   "In Commemoration of Ellis: The Iowa Beginnings of a Great American Humorist"   An article by Katherine Harper. "He wrote the story "Pigs Is Pigs" -- and a few thousand more." Vol. 84. Published by the State Historical Society of Iowa.  [WEB]


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