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Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the Adventure Fiction Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Magazines flagged (**) are those for which we have no concrete information at all (and which, indeed, may not even exist). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist. Note that Adventure Magazine is not included as that was more of a "general" pulp and forms part of the General Fiction Index.

Aces Action Stories (UK) (*)
Action Adventure Stories Air Action (UK)
Action Novels Air Stories (UK)
Action Stories (The) American Eagle(s) (UK) (*)
Adventure Novels and Short Stories (*) Battle Birds (UK) (*)
Adventures of the Sea Devil Captain Combat (UK) (**)
Adventure Tales Combat
Adventure Trails [1929] The Danger Trail (UK) (*)
Adventure Trails [1938] Dare-Devil Aces (UK) (**)
Adventure Yarns (*) G-8 and His Battle Aces (UK) (*)
Air Action Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine
Air Adventures [1928] Hutchinson's Adventure & Mystery Story Magazine
Air Adventures [1939] (*) Jungle Adventures
Airplane Stories Jungle Stories (UK) (*)
Air Stories (*) The Lone Eagle (UK) (*)
Air Trails The Master Thriller Series
Air War Purple Star Adventures
All Aces Magazine Secret Service Operator #5 (UK) (*)
All Adventure Action Novels Sky Raiders (UK)
All-American Fiction The Spider (UK) (*)
All Fiction (Stories) Stirring Stories
All Novels Magazine Swift Action
All Star Adventure Fiction Tales of Adventure
All Star Fiction Tales of African Adventure
American Agent Tales of East and West
The American Eagle Tales of Outlawry
American Sky Devils Tales of the Air
Army-Navy Flying Stories Tales of the Far Frontier
Army Romances (*) Tales of the Foreign Legion
Astonishing Adventures! Tales of the Grand Dominion
Attic Revivals Tales of the Grand Express
The Avenger Tales of the Jungle
Aviation Stories (*) Tales of the Levant
Awesome Tales Tales of the North-West Mounted Police
Battle Aces Tales of the Orient
Battle Birds Tales of the Sea
Battle Stories Tales of the Seven Seas
Behind the Mask Tales of Valour
Best of Flying Aces Tip Top Stories of Adventure and Mystery
The Big Magazine Traveller's Pack (*)
Bill Barnes Air Adventurer War Stories (UK)
Bill Barnes Air Trails Wings (UK)
Blazing Armadillo Stories (*) World Stories (*)
Blue Band Magazine  
Boy's Adventure Magazine Canada
Buccaneer Stories  
Captain Combat Air War (Canada) (*)
Capt. Hazzard Bill Barnes Air Adventurer (Canada) (*)
Captain Zero Canadian War Stories (*)
Cash Gorman Captain Zero (Canada) (**)
Civil War Stories Dare-Devil Aces (Canada) (*)
Classic Pulp Fiction Stories Dimebooks Adventure Stories
Complete Action Novel Doc Savage (Canada) (*)
Complete Adventure Magazine Dr. Yen Sin (Canada) (**)
Complete Adventure Novelettes Dynamic Action Tales (*)
Complete Aviation Novel Magazine Far East Adventure Stories (Canada) (*)
Complete Flying Novel Fighting Aces (Canada) (*)
Complete Sky Novel Flying Aces (Canada) (*)
Complete War Novels Magazine George Bruce's Squadron (Canada) (**)
Confessions of a Federal Dick Jungle Stories (Canada) (*)
Conflict Operator #5 (Canada) (**)
The Danger Trail [1926] The Mysterious Wu Fang (Canada) (**)
Danger Trail [1933] RAF Aces (Canada) (**)
Dan Jordan, Sky Soldier Sky Blazers
Dare-Devil Aces Sky Birds (Canada) (*)
Dark Worlds Adventures Sky Fighters (Canada) (*)
Dime Adventure Magazine The Spider (Canada) (*)
Doc Savage Spy Novels Magazine (Canada) (*)
Dr. Yen Sin Star Novels Magazine (Canada) (*)
Don Winslow of the Navy Terence X. O'Leary's War Birds (Canada) (*)
Double Danger Tales (1997) Thrilling Adventures (Canada) (*)
Double Danger Tales (2007) War Birds (Canada) (*)
Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds Wings (Canada) (*)
Dynamic Adventures  
Eagles of the Air Australia
Espionage Adventure (Australia) (*)
Excitement American Eagles (Australia) (*)
Exciting Navy Stories Battle! (*)
Exploration Tales Seven Seas Monthly Magazine (*)
Famous Fantastic Adventures Ireland
Famous Spy Stories Blue Star Adventure
Fantastic Adventure Stories  
Far East Adventure Stories  
Fifth Column Stories (*)  
Fire Fighters  
Fighting Aces  
Fighting Romances from the West and East  
Five-Cent Adventures (**)  
Five-Cent Flying Stories (**)  
Flight (*)  
Flying Aces (*)  
Flying Stories  
Foreign Legion Adventures  
Four Aces  
Front Page Stories  
G-8 and His Battle Aces  
George Bruce's Aces  
George Bruce's Air Novels  
George Bruce's Contact (*)  
George Bruce's Sky Fighters  
George Bruce's Squadron  
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine  
Golden Fleece  
High Adventure  
High-Seas Adventures  
High Spot  
Illustrated Adventure Trails  
Jack London's Adventure Magazine  
Jungle Stories  
K-9 and His Bowser Aces  
The Live Wire [1908]  
The Lone Eagle  
Love and War Stories  
Lucky Stories (*)  
The Magic Carpet Magazine  
Mammoth Adventure  
Mammoth Sky Birds  
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine  
Man Stories  
Masters of Adventure  
Modern Adventuress  
Movie Action Magazine  
Movie Adventures (*)  
Movie Thrillers (*)  
The Mysterious Wu Fang  
Mystery Adventure(s)  
Navy Romances (*)  
Navy Stories  
New Mystery Adventures  
Newspaper Adventure Stories (*)  
New Stirring Adventures  
The Ocean  
The Octopus  
Operator #5  
Oriental Stories  
Outdoor Stories  
Over the Top  
Peculiar Adventures  
Personal Adventure Stories  
Pirate Stories  
Popular Engineering Stories  
Popular Fiction  
Prize Air Pilot Stories (*)  
Prof. Stone Adventures  
Pro Se Presents  
Pulp: A Fiction Magazine (*)  
Pulp Adventures  
Pulp Review  
Pulp Vault  
Pulse Pounding Adventure Stories  
RAF Aces (*)  
Rapid-Fire Action Stories  
Red Blooded Stories  
Red Star Adventures  
Saucy Movie Tales (*)  
Saucy Romantic Adventures  
Scarlet Adventuress (*)  
The Scorpion  
Sea Novel Magazine  
Sea Stories (Magazine) [1922]  
Sea Stories [1953]  
Sea Story Annual  
Sea Story Anthology  
Secret Agent X  
Secret Service Detective Stories  
Secret Service Operator #5  
Secret Service Stories (*)  
The Secret Six  
Secrets of the Secret Service  
The Seven Seas  
The Skipper  
Sky Aces  
Sky Birds  
Sky Devils  
Sky Fighters  
Sky-High Library Magazine (*)  
Sky Raiders [1939]  
Sky Raiders [1942] (*)  
Sky Riders  
Smashing Novels Magazine  
Snappy Adventure Stories  
Soldiers of Fortune  
Soldier Stories  
South Sea Stories  
Speed Adventure Stories  
Speed Stories  
Spicy-Adventure Stories  
Spicy Air Tales (*)  
Spicy Armadillo Stories (*)  
Spicy Movie Tales (*)  
The Spider  
Spy Novels Magazine  
Spy Secrets  
Spy Stories  
Star Magazine  
Star Novels Magazine/Quarterly  
Startling Adventures Magazine  
Stirring Adventures  
Stories of Sheena - Queen of the Jungle  
Strange Adventures  
Submarine Stories  
Tailspin Tommy Air Adventure Magazine  
Tales from the Pulps  
Tales of Adventure [1930] (*)  
Tales of Danger and Daring  
Tales of the Sea  
10 Action Adventures  
10 Short Novels Magazine (*)  
Terence X. O'Leary's War Birds  
A Thousand Faces  
Three Star Magazine/Stories  
The Thrill Book  
Thrilling Adventures (*)  
Thrilling Novels (*)  
Thrilling Spy Stories  
Thrilling Stories (*)  
Thrilling Tales  
Thrilling Tales Quarterly  
Thrills (*)  
Thrills of the Jungle  
TipTop Semi-Monthly  
Top-Notch Magazine  
Tropical Adventures  
12 Adventure Stories (*)  
Under Fire  
Variety Novels Magazine  
Variety Story Magazine  
Venture Action Stories  
War Aces  
War Birds  
War Novels  
War Novels Magazine  
War Stories (*)  
War Stories Magazine (*)  
Western Raider  
The Whisperer  
Wide Awake Magazine  
Wide World Adventure(s) (Trails)  
Wild Game Stories (*)  
Wings (*)  
The Wizard  
The World Adventurer  
World Man Hunters  
World War Stories (*)  
World Wide Adventure  
Zeppelin Stories