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Missing Issues

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the Adventure Fiction Index for which it is believed that the information is (or might be) incomplete.

US Magazines

Adventure Novels and Short Stories Missing: Apr-1938
Adventure Yarns Missing: any after Dec-1938
Air Trails Missing: Winter 1978
Army Romances Missing: any except 1945, Spring 1946 & Autumn 1946
Aviation Stories Missing: Jul-1930
Blazing Armadillo Stories Missing: #2, Mar-1988; #3, Aug-1988
Fifth Column Stories Missing: Aug-1940
Fighting Air Pilot Stories Missing: any issues
Flight Missing: Feb-1930
Flying Aces Missing: Sep-1928 (probably phantom)
Front-Page Stories Missing: Aug/Sep-1931 (ashcan issue)
Movie Adventures Missing: Oct-1924; Dec-1924
Movie Monthly Missing: Jun-1925; Jul-1925; Jan-1926; Mar-1926; Jun-1926
Movie Thrillers Missing: Feb-1925; Mar-1925
Navy Romances Missing: all except Spring 1946
Prize Air Pilot Stories Missing: Nov-1929
Pulp: A Fiction Magazine Missing: all issues
RAF Aces Missing: v3 #4, Fall 1943; v4 #3, Summer 1944
Saucy Movie Tales Missing: Sep-1939
Secret Service Stories Missing: Oct-1928
Sky Raiders Missing: Dec-1943, Summer 1944
Spicy Air Tales Missing: all issues
Spicy Movie Tales Missing: all issues
Tales of Adventure [1930] Missing: all issues
10 Short Novels Magazine Missing: Mar/Apr-1939
Thrilling Adventures [2009] Missing: Spring 2009
Thrilling Novels Missing: #46
Thrills Missing: any 1925 issues
War Stories Magazine Missing: Jul-1953
Wild Game Stories Missing: May/Jun-1926
Wings Missing: v4 #5, May 1931; v4 #9, September 1931
World War Stories Missing: all after v1 #3, May 1929

UK Magazines

Action Stories (UK) Missing: all except #5, 1950
American Eagles (UK) Missing: any before Spring 1945 except Jun-1943, Dec-1943, Spring 1944, Summer 1944 & Winter 1944; any after Autumn 1950
Battle! (UK) Missing: all issues
Battle Birds (UK) Missing: all except v1 #3
The Danger Trail (UK) Missing: all except #1
G-8 and His Battle Aces (UK) Missing: all except #1
The Lone Eagle (UK) Missing: all issues except Feb-1941; Apr-1941; Jun-1941
Secret Service Operator #5 (UK) Missing: all except #1
The Spider (UK) Missing: all issues
Traveller's Pack Missing: Sep-1934
Wings (UK) Missing: November 1935; December 1935; January 1936
World Stories Missing: Jun-1928; Dec-1930

Australian Magazines

Adventure (Australia) Missing: #4; #7; any after #10
American Eagles (Australia) Missing: all issues
Battle! Missing: all issues
Seven Seas Monthly Magazine Missing: all except #1 & #3

Canadian Magazines

Action Stories (Canada) Missing: all issues
Air War (Canada) Missing: all except Spring 1943
Canadian War Stories Missing: Aug-1929
Captain Zero (Canada) Missing: all issues
Dare-Devil Aces (Canada) Missing: all except Nov-1941 & Oct-1943
Doc Savage (Canada) Missing: all except Aug-1933; Sep-1933; Oct-1933; Nov-1933; Mar-1934; Mar-1942; Feb-1943; May-1943; Jun-1943; Oct-1943
Dynamic Action Tales Missing: any except Jul-1941
Far East Adventure Stories (Canada) Missing: all except Nov-1931; Dec-1931; Feb-1932
Fighting Aces (Canada) Missing: all except Nov-1942; Sep-1943; Nov-1943; Jan-1944
Flying Aces (Canada) Missing: all issues
George Bruce's Squadron (Canada) Missing: all issues
Jungle Stories (Canada) Missing: all issues
Sky Birds (Canada) Missing: all issues
Sky Fighters (Canada) Missing: all except Oct-1942; Aug-1944
The Spider (Canada) Missing: all except Aug-1935
Spy Novels Magazine (Canada) Missing: all issues
Star Novels Magazine (Canada) Missing: all except Spring 1933
Thrilling Adventures (Canada) Missing: all issues
Top-Notch Magazine (Canada) Missing: all issues
(Terence X. O'Leary's) War Birds (Canada) Missing: all except Jul-1934
Wings (Canada) Missing: all issues

Magazines for which no information is known

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the Adventure Fiction Index for which no detailed information is currently available - many of these may not actually exist.

US Canada
Five-Cent Adventures Bill Barnes, Air Trails (Canada)
Five-Cent Flying Stories Captain Zero (Canada)
  Dr. Yen Sin (Canada)
UK The Mysterious Wu Fang (Canada)
Captain Combat (UK) Operator #5 (Canada)
Dare-Devil Aces (UK) RAF Aces (Canada)