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British Popular Fiction Magazine Index

The British Popular Fiction Magazine Index is an attempt to provide an index to the most important British popular magazines between 1880 and 1950. It is intended as a complement to Mike Ashley's outstanding study of the magazines of this period (The Age of the Storytellers, British Library, 2006) and will be published as part of the Fictionmags Index Family.

As can be imagined with a project of this magnitude (comprising 11,513 individual issues from 72 different magazines), the compilers would welcome any offers of assistance from anyone who has access to some of these magazines and is prepared to help out. In particular, they are looking for anybody with access to issues of the weekly magazine Yes Or No - this magazine ran for 798 issues, of which a mere 109 have been located to date.

A list of all the magazines that are included in the index can be found here while a detailed list of the magazines and issues for which contents information is still needed can be found here. If you can help out with any of these issues, please contact with details of the issues you have.