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British Popular Fiction Magazine Index: Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the British Popular Fiction Magazine Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Adventure & Mystery Story Magazine (The) Frontier (Stories) (UK) (*) The Ludgate (*) The Royal (Pictorial) (Magazine)
Adventure-Story Magazine The Golden Mag./The Golden West The Magpie [1912] Sievier's Monthly (*)
Air Stories (UK) The Grand Magazine The Merry Mag(azine) (*) The Sovereign (and Regent) Magazine (*)
All Star (Western Story (& Frontier) Magazine) (*) The Green Magazine The Minster Standard Stories (*)
All-Story Magazine The Happy Mag. Modern Stories [1934] (*) The Story-teller
Argosy (UK) The Harmsworth (London) Magazine Mystery and Detection The Strand Magazine [1891]
Best-Story Magazine Harmsworth's Red Magazine Mystery Stories (UK) [193?] (*) The Sunny Mag.
The Blue Magazine (*) The Holborn Monthly Magazine Mystery-Story Magazine Tales of Wonder
Britannia (and Eve) (*) The Home Magazine Nash's Magazine Tip Top Stories of Adventure and Mystery
Cassell's (Family) Magazine (of Fiction) Hush Nash's (and) Pall Mall Magazine The 20-Story Magazine (*)
Chapman's Magazine Hutchinson's Adv & Mys Story Mag The New London Magazine The Universal (and Ludgate) Magazine (*)
The Charing Cross Magazine Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine The New Magazine [1909] (*) The Violet Magazine
The Club Room (*) Hutchinson's Magazine New Nash's Pall Mall Magazine War Stories (UK)
The Corner Magazine Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine The Novel Magazine (*) The Weekly Tale-Teller
The Cornhill Magazine Hutchinson's Story Magazine The Pall Mall Magazine Western Adventures (UK)
Crampton's Magazine The Idler Pan The White Magazine
The Crusoe Mag. The Jolly Mag. (*) Pearson's Magazine The Windsor Magazine
The Detective Magazine The Ladies' Home Magazine The Premier Magazine Wings (UK)
Empire Frontier (*) The Lady's (Home) Magazine (of Fiction) The Realm (The) Woman at Home
The English Illustrated Magazine The Lady's Realm The Red Magazine World Stories (*)
Everybody's Story Magazine Lloyd's Story Magazine The Regent The Yellow Magazine
Fantasy [1938] The London Magazine Romance [1923] (*) Yes or No (*)