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A: A Journal of Contemporary Literature

Country: US

A literary magazine focusing on Native American authors.

Issues & Index Sources:  1976 – 1982?
Editors:   William Oandasan
Online Sources:   Online Books


Country: US
Total Issues: 122 (to Dec-2004)

America's AIDS magazine. Name stands for "Art & Understanding".

Issues & Index Sources:  1992 – present
Publishers:   25 Monroe Street, Suite 205, Albany, NY 12210-2743 (in 2000)
Editors:   Christopher Hewitt (in 2000)
Frequency:   monthly
Mentioned in:   Our Own Voices, O. Henry Awards Website (not in 2002)


Country: US

Alternative humour magazine that published some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  1960 – ?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Aardvark Publications Inc.
Editors:   Howard R. Cohen


Country: US
Total Issues: 2

Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1994 – Feb-1995: Science Fiction Index

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AARP: The Magazine

see under Modern Maturity


Country: Australia
Total Issues: 3

A magazine of horror and fantasy with the emphasis on the surreal and graphic art.

Issues & Index Sources:  Spring 1998 – Jan-2001: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Saturn Press, Church Point, NSW, Australia
Editors:   Andres Vaccari
Formats:   small slick
Prices:   A$4.95
Pagecounts:   54pp
Frequency:   twice yearly
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Abandoned Towers

Country: US
Total Issues: 7

Cumulative online magazine which also published seven print issues. Continued for a little while after November 2010 as online only.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-2008 – Nov-2010: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   crystalwizard, CyberWizard Productions, Saginaw, Texas.
Editors:   Bill Weldon
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Abbot's Monthly

see under The United States Monthly Magazine

The Abbott Five Cent Novels

Country: US
Total Issues: 56

Issues & Index Sources:  16-Jul-1892 – 4-Aug-1893: Dime Novel Bibliography (incomplete)
Publishers:   Five Cent Novel Company (Springfield, Mass.); Springfield Pub. Co. (Springfield, Mass.)
Formats:   6¼ x 5"
Pagecounts:   125 - 150
Frequency:   Weekly
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Abbott's Monthly

Country: US

Published five early stories by Chester Himes. After Sep-1933 it became Abbott's Monthly Illustrated News. The Union List of Serials describes this as a newspaper and no records are given for that. According to WorldCat the latter evolved into Abbott's Weekly and Illustrated News. Microfilms of all titles exist but there are gaps in the holdings.

Issues & Index Sources:  Oct-1929 – Sep-1933
Publishers:   Robert S. Abbott, Chicago
Editors:   Lucius C. Harper


Country: US
Total Issues: 37

Issues & Index Sources

  #1, 1991 – #14, 1993, as Aberations: Science Fiction Index
  #15, 1993 – #40, 1997, as Aberrations: Science Fiction Index


  Sirius Fiction, PO Box 460430, San Francisco, CA 94146-0430


  Jon L. Herron (#1-14); Richard Blair (#15-40)
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Aberrant Dreams

Country: US
Total Issues: 9

A semi-professional online magazine of original speculative fiction that published 9 print issues. Continued for some time as an online magazine before folding in 2014.

Issues & Index Sources:  Autumn 2004 – Autumn 2006: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Joseph W. Dickerson and J. Lonny Harper, Georgia
Editors:   Joseph W. Dickerson and J. Lonny Harper
Frequency:   quarterly
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The Abinger Chronicle

Country: UK
Total Issues: 30

A little magazine, mainly of poetry and essays, but with some stories.

Issues & Index Sources:  Christmas 1939 – 1944
Publishers:   Sylvia Sprigge & R.C. Trevelyan
Editors:   Sylvia Sprigge
Frequency:   started monthly but became irregular
Mentioned in:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 4

Aboriginal Science Fiction

Country: US
Total Issues: 49

A high-circulation semi-prozine that featured full-color illustrations throughout.

Issues & Index Sources

  Oct-1986 – Spring 2001: Science Fiction Index


  Oct-1986 – May-1987: Aboriginal SF
  Jul-1987 – Jul-1991: Absolute Entertainment
  Dec-1991 – Spring 2001: The Second Renaissance Foundation


  Charles C. Ryan


  tabloid first three issues; thereafter quarto


  Oct-1986 – Nov/Dec-1987: $2.50
  Jan/Feb-1988 – Jul/Aug-1989: $3.00
  Sep/Oct-1989 – ?: $3.50


  Oct-1986 – Feb/Mar-1987: 32pp
  May/Jun-1987 – Jul/Aug-1989: 64pp
  Sep/Oct-1989 – ?: 68pp


  bimonthly to 1991, then quarterly, but no issues between Spring 1994 and Spring 1996

Title Changes

  Oct-1986 – Feb/Mar-1987: Aboriginal SF
  May/Jun-1987 – Spring 2001: Aboriginal Science Fiction

Related Sites

  Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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Aboriginal Science Fiction Anthology

Country: US
Total Issues: 1

Magazine-format anthology of 12 stories from earlier issues of the magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  1988: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Absolute Entertainment, Inc.; Woburn, MA.
Editors:   Charles C. Ryan
Formats:   quarto
Prices:   $4.50
Pagecounts:   80pp
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Country: US
Total Issues: 7

Science fiction fanzine which occasionally published fiction including a story by Robert Silverberg in #7. An 8th issue appeared in 1955 but consisted entirely of blank pages.

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1951 – Winter 1952
Editors:   Kenneth J. Krueger
Related Sites:   ZineWiki

About Mysteries

Country: US

Website ( that occasionally featured original fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1999 – Feb-2001: FictionMags Index (incomplete)
Formats:   online

About Town

see under Man About Town (UK)

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