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Bone Chilling Tales

Country: US
Total Issues: 2

Horror fiction fanzine.

Issues & Index Sources:  1988 – 1990
Publishers:   Lil' Demon Press, Mableton, Georgia.
Editors:   Randy Chandler

Bone Marrow Review

Country: US

Small press horror magazine containing at least 1 story by D.F. Lewis.

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1992
Editors:   Richard L Levesque & Gregory l. Norris

Bones of the Children

see under Wetbones

Bon Marche Fun Club Magazine

Country: UK

Fun Club Magazine is a 4pp supplement (probably numbered from Vol.3 No.12).

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1938 – ?
Publishers:   Coury/Bon Marche
Pagecounts:   12pp
Frequency:   monthly

Bonnie Boys of Britain

Country: UK
Total Issues: 26

Issues & Index Sources:  18-Oct-1884 – 14-Nov-1885
Publishers:   Clark/Brandon (Guy Rayner)
Pagecounts:   16pp
Frequency:   weekly

Bon-Ton Library

Country: US
Total Issues: 258?

Issues & Index Sources:  1904 – 1910?: Dime Novel Bibliography (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Mutual Book Co., The Mershon Company
Prices:   25c
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Bonville's Western Monthly

Country: US

Promotional magazine for the Pacific Northwest, specifically "the valleys of the Willamette and the Columbia" rivers, filled with articles, fiction, poetry and cartoons.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-1907? – Oct-1909?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Bonville Publishing Company, 424 Marquam Building, Portland, Oregon
Formats:   large digest
Prices:   15c
Pagecounts:   86pp
Frequency:   monthly
Online Sources:   Hathi Trust


Country: US
Total Issues: 25 (to Dec-2002)

The Magazine for the Reading Life. Sometimes publishes fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  1998 – Nov/Dec-2003
Publishers:   4645 N. Rockwell St., Chicago, IL 60625 (in 2000); 252 W. 37th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10018 (in 2002)
Editors:   Jerome V. Kramer (in 2000 - 2002)
Frequency:   monthly
Mentioned in:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)


Country: UK

Subtitled "The W.H. Smith Guide to Good Books", mainly contains adverts and features on books, but also occasionally publishes fiction by authors like Terry Pratchett & Jonathan Aycliffe.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1990s: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   W.H. Smith
Formats:   A4
Prices:   free
Pagecounts:   36pp

Book Digest

Country: US
Total Issues: 5?

Magazine featuring the best sellers of the day in abridged form.

Issues & Index Sources:  Apr-1950 – Sep-1950?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Magazine Digest Corporation, 545 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, NY
Editors:   Malcolm Cowley, Manuel Komroff & Fletcher Pratt
Frequency:   monthly

The Book Digest of Best Sellers

Country: US
Total Issues: 16+17=33

Monthly magazine containing condensed books. Merged with Books in Brief to become Book Digest Combined with Books in Brief.

Issues & Index Sources

  Feb-1937 – May-1938: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  Jun-1938 – Oct-1939, as Book Digest Combined with Books in Brief: FictionMags Index


  Feb-1937 – May-1938: Walter J. Black, Inc., New York
  Jun-1938 – 1939: Book Digest, Inc., Chicago


  Feb-1938 – May-1938: Ray Martan
  Jun-1938: Joseph H. White & Ray Martan






  68 to 132pp



The Book League Monthly

Country: US

Monthly magazine featuring a popular novel and a selection of articles and criticism.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1928 – ?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   The Book League of America, Inc.

The Booklovers Magazine

see under Appleton's Magazine

The Bookman

Country: UK

Issues & Index Sources:  Oct-1891 – 1934: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Hodder & Stoughton, London
Editors:   William Robertson Nicoll
Frequency:   monthly
Mentioned in:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 3
Online Sources:   Online Books

The Bookman (US)

Country: US

An American version of the UK magazine of same name, this was the periodical which initiated bestseller lists (from 1895).

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1895 – 1933: Index to Periodical Literature (to 1906 only)
Editors:   Harry Thurston Peck; Arthur Barlett Maurice
Frequency:   monthly
Online Sources:   Online Books

The Book News Monthly

Country: US

Subtitled "A magazine devoted to literature and life" and featured a short story in most issues.

Issues & Index Sources:  1833 – 1918?: FictionMags Index (partial issues only)
Publishers:   John Wanamaker, Philadelphia
Online Sources:   Hathi Trust

Book of Dark Wisdom

Country: US
Total Issues: 11

A tri-annual publication of Dark Fiction and Lovecraftian horror. Each issue is digest sized, perfect bound with a full-color glossy cover, containing fiction and poetry, artwork, non-fiction features, and film, fiction and gaming reviews, plus more. For the first two issues (only) was a gaming magazine with two or three short stories per issue.

From April 2008 the magazine moved online with the promise of an annual print anthology.

Issues & Index Sources

  2003 – Fall 2005: Science Fiction Index
  2006 – 2007, as Dark Wisdom: Science Fiction Index



  Elder Signs Press, Lake Orion, MI


  William Jones


  trade paperback




Issue Checklist

Book of Terror

Country: Canada
Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1949: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Metropolitan Publishing, Toronto
Editors:   'The Black Prince' (identity not known)
Formats:   large pulp
Prices:   25c
Pagecounts:   32pp
Mentioned in:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps

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