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The People's Friend Story Library

"50,000 - 55,000-word family and romantic stories aimed at 30+ age group".

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1970 – ?
Publishers:   D.C. Thomson, Dundee
Formats:   small booklet, 132pp
Frequency:   twice-monthly

People's Home Journal [1885]

Total Issues: 56

Issues & Index Sources:  1885 – 1890
Publishers:   Peters & Co.
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

People's Home Journal [1886]

Issues & Index Sources:  1886 – 1929: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   F.M. Lupton
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People's Illustrated Monthly Telephone

Total Issues: 10

Issues & Index Sources:  1881 – 1882
Publishers:   George H. Gilman
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

The People's Journal [1846]

Issues & Index Sources

  3-Jan-1846 – Jul-1849: Index to Periodical Literature
  Jul-1849 – Jun-1851, as People's and Howitt's Journal: Index to Periodical Literature (incorporates Howitt's Journal)


  John Saunders, William Howitt





The People's Journal [1858]

A story paper with many serials and short stories, Scottish in flavour.

Issues & Index Sources:  2-Jan-1858 – 1990
Publishers:   John Leng, Dundee, later D.C. Thomson
Formats:   small tabloid
Prices:   1½d
Frequency:   weekly

People's Library

Total Issues: 27

Issues & Index Sources:  1899 – 1901
Publishers:   American News Company
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

People's Library

Total Issues: 411

Issues & Index Sources:  1878 – 1889
Publishers:   J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Company
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

People's Literary Companion

Total Issues: 636

Story-paper; contributors include Anne S. Stephens, William Eyster, Prentiss Ingraham.

Issues & Index Sources

  Oct-1869 – Nov-1907: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)


  E.C. Allen, Augusta, Maine


  large tabloid story paper




  8pp (16pp last few issues)


  Oct-1869 – Sep-1871: monthly
  Oct-1871 – 28-May-1881: weekly
  Jun-1881 – Nov-1907: monthly

Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

People's Magazine

Total Issues: 82+14+39+78+24+42=279

Ran Frank L. Packard's "Jimmy Dale" stories; authors include H. Bedford-Jones, J. Allan Dunn, Harold Lamb, Achmed Abdullah, Perley Poore Sheehan, George Allan England, William Merriam Rouse.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jul-1906 – Dec-1909: General Fiction Index
  Jan-1910 – Jun-1914, as People's Ideal Fiction Magazine: General Fiction Index
  Jul-1914 – Sep-1917, as People's: General Fiction Index
  10-Aug-1917 – 25-Nov-1921, as People's Favorite Magazine: General Fiction Index (incomplete)
  10-Dec-1921 – 25-Nov-1922, as People's Story Magazine: General Fiction Index
  10-Dec-1922 – 15-Aug-1924, as People's: General Fiction Index (incomplete)

#superseded by Complete Stories


  Street & Smith Publications, Inc.


  1906 – ?: Archibald L. Sessions
  1909 – 1910: John W. Harding
  ?: Gardner Hunting
  ?: Eugene Clancy


  Jul-1906 – 25-Jul-1919: standard pulp
  Sep-1919 – Sep-1920: bedsheet
  Oct-1920 – 15-Aug-1924: standard pulp


  1906 – 1908: 10c
  1908 – 11-Aug-1918: 15c
  25-Aug-1918 – 15-Aug-1924: 20c




  monthly, switched to twice-monthly 10-Aug-1917

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The People's Penny Stories

Total Issues: 205

Mostly women's-orientated fiction, usually romantic or mystery. Mostly a serial episode each issue plus one or two stories; title contracted to People's Stories in 1909 (though cover showed it as People's 1d Stories).

Issues & Index Sources

  4-May-1906 – 1-Apr-1910: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  8-Apr-1910 – ?, as My Weekly


  John Leng, London









The People's Periodical and Family Library

Total Issues: 52

Serialised Prest's notorious "The String of Pearls" about Sweeny Todd.

Issues & Index Sources:  1846 – 1847
Publishers:   Edward Lloyd, London
Formats:   tabloid story paper
Frequency:   weekly

People's Pocket Edition of Novels

Total Issues: 10

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1860s
Publishers:   Jones & Co.
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

People's Popular Monthly

Mainstream monthly, tabloid, on newsprint that featured some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1920s: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   The Best British Stories of 1922
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People's Series

Total Issues: 50

Issues & Index Sources:  1894 – 1895
Publishers:   Conkey
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography


see under Pep Stories

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