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    Crime Stories   (about)
    One of the many undated “one shot” magazines published in the UK in the years after the Second World War.

    • Publishers:
      • Grant Hughes: Crime Stories.

    Crime Stories Monthly
    Apparently a magazine of this title was planned ca. 1935 but was never published. All that survives is a cover of an ashcan edition produced for trademark purposes.

    Crime Story Magazine:   (about)
    Little is known about this magazine. A series of at least 8 issues labelled “Volume 6” was published by Blue Diamond with dates from Junuary 1952 to February 1954. Other issues have been seen with no dates and just issue numbers, published by Blue Diamond or Page Publications, which appear to duplicate the contents of the other series and are assumed to be later reprints. In addition, while it is likely that most of the stories are reprints, only a small number have been traced and it is possible the titles have been changed for many of the others. Number of issues published not known.

    Crime Story Magazine [Vol. VI No. 2, September 1952] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/3d, 66pp, digest)
    Details taken from Table of Contents.

    Crime Story Magazine [v6 #5, March 1953] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/3d, 66pp, digest)
    Issue not indexed.

    Crime Story Magazine [v6 #8, February 1954] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/3d, 64pp, digest)
    • · Corruption City · Jeff Bogar · n. Hamilton & Co., 1951

    Crime Story Magazine (second series)

    • Publishers:
      • Blue Diamond Publishing Company: Crime Story Magazine.
      • Page Publications Pty. Ltd.; Surry Hills, New South Wales: Crime Story Magazine.

    Crime Story Magazine [#4, 195?] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/-, 67pp, digest)
    Details supplied by Bob Adey.
    • 4 · The Case of the Alcan Highway Murder · William Bogart · ss G.P. Western Stories #22, 1948, as “Murder Rides the Alcan”
    • 19 · The Case of the Cryptic Note · Milton K. Ozaki · ss; given as by Milton K. Ozake.
    • 32 · The Case of the Red-Headed Girls · Harry Whittington · ss The Evening Citizen March 26 1949
    • 44 · The Case of the Jewelled Dagger · Philip Ketchum · ss The Evening Citizen April 23 1949
    • 58 · The Case of the Double-Crosser · [uncredited] · ss

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