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    Dan Dunn Detective Magazine   (about)
    Dan Dunn Detective Magazine was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of comic-strip characters by placing them in pulp stories. It lasted a mere two issues.

    • Publishers:
      • C.J.H. Publications, Inc.; 49 West 45th Street, New York, NY: Dan Dunn Detective Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Daring Detective (Canada):   (about)
    There were at least 14 issues of this Canadian pulp in 1941/1942. The first issue was published in May 1941 under the title Daring Detective, but the publisher was forced to change the magazine name to Daredevil Detective Stories because of conflict with the existing US true crime magazine of the same name.

    Daring Detective (Canada)

    • Publishers:
      • Daring Publishing Company; 28 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario: Daring Detective (Canada).
    • Editors:

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