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    Detective Tales (UK) (1949)
    Mike Cook, in Mystery, Detective and Espionage Magazines, lists a T.V. Boardman Detective Tales that he claims ran for 119 issues (with the first two issues entitled New Detective Tales) from 1949-1951. This seems unlikely and it is possible that this was confused with the Boardman Pocket Reader series (whose numbering began at #101).

    • Publishers:
      • T.V. Boardman & Co., Ltd.: Detective Tales (UK).

    Detective Tales (UK) (1950)   (about)
    It is not known how many issues were published in this series.

    • Publishers:
      • Thorpe & Porter; Leicester: Detective Tales (UK).

    Detective Tales (UK) (1952)   (about)
    British reprint edition of Detective Tales, although some issues (at least) also reprinted from other magazines such as Dime Mystery Magazine, Detective Story Magazine, Fifteen Detective Stories and New Detective Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.; 18 Bride Lane, London EC4: Detective Tales (UK).

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