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    The Saint’s Choice   (about)
    More of an anthology series than a magazine, The Saint’s Choice, with one exception, reprinted stories from a variety of sources.

    • Publishers:
      • Bond-Charteris Enterprises: The Saint’s Choice, #1.
      • Jacobs Publishing Company: The Saint’s Choice, #2 – #3.
      • The Shaw Press: The Saint’s Choice, #4.
      • Bond-Charteris Enterprises: The Saint’s Choice, #5.
      • Saint Enterprises; 314 North Robertson Boulevard, Hollywood 34, CA: The Saint’s Choice, #6 – #7.
    • Editors:

    Saturn, The Magazine of Science Fiction:   (about)
    This magazine was really three seperate magazines in one. It started life in 1957 as a science fiction/fantasy magazine under the title Saturn, The Magazine of Science Fiction, but only lasted for 5 issues. It then switched to a detective magazine, first as Saturn Web Detective Story Magazine for 4 issues and then as Web Detective Stories for a further 10 issues. Finally it became a weird-menace terror title under the name Web Terror Stories for a final 8 issues. The precise title varies from issue to issue, and often differs between the cover, spine and masthead.

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