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    Don’t Open the Door After the Sun Goes Down: Tales of the Real and Unreal by Al Carusone (Clarion, August 1994, 0-395-65225-1, $13.95, 83pp, hc, oc, cover by Andrew Glass)
        Young-adult collection of nine macabre tales, with illustrations by Andrew Glass.

    Brotherly Love: and Other Tales of Trust and Knowledge by David Case (Pumpkin Books, May 28, 1999, 1-901914-12-7, £16.99, x+276pp, hc, oc, cover by Les Edwards)
        SF/dark fantasy collection of an original novel, The Terrestrial Fancy, plus five other new short stories, along with an Introduction by Ramsey Campbell. Limited to a hardcover edition of 750 copies.

    TRSF: The Best New Science Fiction ed. Stephen Cass (Technology Review, November 2011, $7.95, 80pp, tp, oa, cover by Chris Foss)
        Original anthology of 12 hard-SF stories, the first in a planned series published by MIT’s Technology Review. Authors include Cory Doctorow, Joe Haldeman, Elizabeth Bear, and Ken MacLeod. Illustrated by Chris Foss.

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