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    Hoppo’s Pies by Guy Haley (Black Library, February 18, 2017, £2.49, 23pp, ebook, nv) [Warhammer: Blood Bowl]
        Details taken from online listing.

    The King of Black Crag by Guy Haley (Black Library, June 10, 2013, 978-0-85787-937-0, £2.49, 32pp, ebook, nv) [Warhammer Heroes]
        Details taken from online listing.

    The Rise of the Horned Rat by Guy Haley (Black Library, January 15, 2015, 978-1-84970-882-1, 376pp, hc, n.) [Warhammer: Time of Legends]
        Details taken from online listing.

    Shadowsword by Guy Haley (Black Library, October 25, 2016, 978-1-78496-440-5, £18.00, 300pp, hc, n., cover by Adam Tooby) [Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Guard]
        Details taken from online listing. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $27.00.

    Wraithflight by Guy Haley (Black Library, December 4, 2014, ebook, ss) [Warhammer 40,000]
        Details taken from online listing.

    The Woman in Black by M. Y. Halidom (Ash-Tree Press, February 23, 2007, 978-1-55310-093-5, C$52.00, xvii+164pp, hc, n., cover by Keith Minnion)
        Reprint (Greening & Co. 1906) novel. This is a limited edition of 400. A world-wide edition available in the US for $47.50 and in the UK for £28.00.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

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