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    Robert E. Howard’s Complete Conan of Cimmeria, Volume Two (1934) by Robert E. Howard (Wandering Star, 2003, 0-95468-220-3, 392pp, hc, co, cover by Gary Gianni) [Conan] [edited by Patrice Louinet]
        Omnibus/collection of three titles: novella “The People of the Black Circle”, The Hour of the Dragon (1950 as Conan the Conqueror), and novella “A Witch Shall Be Born”. Limited to 1950 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. Also available in an Ultra Limited/Artists Edition (0-95468-221-1), limited to 100 copies, which adds eight additional preliminary sketches. Also available in a Leatherbound Edition (0-95468-222-X), limited to 100 copies, which adds an extra color plate of the dust jacket painting

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