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    Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Massacre by Rebecca Levene (Black Flame US, April 2006, 1-84416-269-9, $7.99, 255pp, pb, n., cover by Ben Flynn & Mark Harrison)
        Reprint (Black Flame 2006) novelization based on the computer game based on the 2000AD comic book character. This first US edition has the same ISBN as the UK edition, but only gives US and Canadian prices. Copyrighted by Rebellion A/S.

    Strontium Dog: Bad Timing by Rebecca Levene (Black Flame US, July 2004, 1-84416-110-2, $6.99, 254pp, pb, n., cover by Greg Staples) [Strontium Dog]
        Novelization based on the world of the comics. Copyrighted by Rebellion A/S.

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