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    Once Upon a Regency Christmas (Harlequin, November 2016, 978-0-373-29903-4, $6.50, 283pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson.

    Once Upon a Time (Zebra/Kensington, September 1998, 0-8217-5995-7, $4.99, 251pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by BG.

    Once Upon a Time… (Harlequin, March 1999, 0-373-20159-1, $6.99, 696pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by BG.

    Once Upon a Waltz (Kensington/Zebra, March 2001, 0-8217-6797-6, $4.99, 256pp, pb, oa)
        Original fantasy-romance anthology of fairy-tales retold in Regency settings by authors Carola Dunn, Karla Hocker, and Judith A. Lansdowne.

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