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    Timeswept Brides (Jove, July 1996, 0-515-11891-5, $5.99, 343pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by BG.

    Timeswept Summer (Zebra/Kensington, August 1998, 0-8217-5949-3, $5.99, 304pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by BG.

    ’Tis the Season (Zebra Books, November 1997, 0-8217-5781-4, $6.99, 445pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson. Christmas themed anthology

    ’Tis the Season (Harlequin Historical, November 2001, 0-373-29183-3, $4.99, 298pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson. Chistmas themed anthology
    • 7 · A Promise to Keep · Susan Spencer Paul · na; set in the Regency period.
    • 117 · Christmas at Wayfarer Inn · Shari Anton · na; set in the Medieval period.
    • 197 · Twelfth Knight · Tori Phillips · na; set in the Tudor period.

    ’Tis the Season for Murder: Christmas Crimes (Worldwide Library, November 1998, 0-373-26290-6, $6.99, 508pp, pb, an)
        Anthology of two reprint Christmas murder mystery novels and an original short story.

    To Love and Honor (Zebra Books, June 1995, 0-8217-4980-3, $4.99, 348pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson. historical romances

    To Weave a Web of Magic (Berkley, July 2004, 0-425-19615-1, $12.00, 362pp, tp, oa, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft)
        Original anthology with four fantasy romance stories by Patricia A. McKillip, Lynn Kurland, Sharon Shinn, and Claire Delacroix.

    To the Land of Fair Delight (Gollancz, 1960, 15/-, 583pp, hc, om)
        Omnibus of three Victorian fairy-tale novels. Published simultaneously in the US by Franklin Watts.

    Tokens of Love (Signet, January 1993, 0-451-17342-2, $4.99, 347pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson. a Valentine’s day themed anthology set in Regency England

    Tolkien’s World (HarperCollins UK, October 22, 1992, 0-261-10276-1, £17.99, 140pp, hc, pi, cover by Alan Lee)
        Anthology of 60 colour paintings inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. Some of the pieces are excellent. Recommended.

    Tolkien’s World (HarperCollins, October 1993, 0-261-10276-1, $25.00, 140pp, hc, pi, cover by Alan Lee)
        Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1992) anthology of some 60 full-color illustrations inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The book itself seems to be the same as the 1992 HarperCollins UK edition and has the same ISBN, but a new jacket with the US price. First American edition (HarperCollins UK 1992).

    The Tomorrow Project: Best Selling Authors Describe Daily Life in the Future (Intel Corporation, February 2011, 978-1-934053-42-3, $39.95, ix+57pp, tp, oa)
        Details taken from online listing.

    The Tor SF Sampler (Tor, June 1993, 0-812-53520-0, 54+60pp, pb, an, cover by Boris Vallejo)
        Anthology of two novel excerpts from Tor’s 1993 Hugo and Nebula Award-nominated books, A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge and China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F. McHugh. The Wayne Barlowe cover art for China Mountain Zhang is on the back cover. This is a promotional book offered free of charge in the bookstores.

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