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    Cosmic Tales [v1 #12, Summer 1939] ed. Louis & Gertrude Kuslan (Cosmic Publications, 170 Washington Avenue, West Haven, Conn., 10¢, 12pp, quarto mimeographed, cover by Russ Hodgkins) []
    Details supplied by Steve Miller and Alistair Durie.
    • 1 · Ramblings · [The Editor] · ed
    • 4 · Robot · Mary G. Byers · ss
    • 5 · Six Against the Past (part 2) · Thos. S. Gardner · rr
    • 7 · Six Against the Past (part 3) · L. R. Chauvenet · rr
    • 8 · Wobbling Along · The Vagrant · ar; on current censorship in some fanzines.
    • 9 · Speer’s Scribblings · Jack Speer · cl; on recent events in fandom.
    • 11 · Continuation of previous items

    Cosmic Tales [v2 #2, June 1940] ed. Richard B. Crain (Richard B. Crain, 15¢, 30pp, quarto mimeographed, cover by John Giunta) []
    Note: I appear to be missing the last two sheets so have added items after page 26 as per the index.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

    Cosmic Tales [v2 #3, April-May-June 1941] ed. James V. Taurasi (James V. Taurasi, 10¢, 18pp, quarto mimeographed, cover by Frank R. Paul) []
    Note: First two pages unnumbered, contain table of contents etc., so real page number is two higher.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

    Cosmopolitan (US, 1886):   (about)
    The Cosmopolitan—USA; Mar. 1886- ; Joseph N. Hallock (1886-1889), John Brisben Walker (1889-1905), William Randolph Hearst (1905- ); monthly; standard format, on coated stock, often with colour illustrations, it became a big slick with the Sep. 1916 issue; editors Joseph N. Hallock (1886-1889), John Brisben Walker (1889-1905), Ray Long (1918-1931); although failing when taken over in 1889, it became a success under Walker in the 1890s, dropping its price to 10 cents in competition with the new-model magazines such as McClure’s and Munsey’s; it serialized Wells’s “The War of the Worlds” (1897) and “The First Men in the Moon” (1900-1901); other authors included Maxim Gorky, W. W. Jacobs, Ambrose Bierce, Arthur B. Reeve; went through a muck-raking period in the 1900s but switched heavily to fiction in 1912; absorbed Hearst’s International, Mar. 1925.

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