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    The Golden Era [v34 #6, October 1885] (standard) []
    This is the second issue numbered v34 #6.
    • 332 · Buzzard Roost [Part 2 of ?] · Madge Morris · sl
    • 338 · The First Gold in Merced · Babek · ss
    • 343 · The City of Shin-Du-Wan / Number 4 · P. S. Dorney · ss
    • 349 · The Mystery of the Boon Ranch [Part 1 of 4] · Lillian Hinman Shuey · sl

    The Golden Era [v34 #7, November 1885] (standard) []
    Details supplied by David Edwards.
    This issue lists several books for sale, published by the magazine, including Nature’s By-Ways in California by editor Harr Wagner.
    Ah, we discover in this issue that Babek is a society belle in San Jose; A Crescent and a Cross by her is available from the publisher for 20 cents.

    The Golden Era [v34 #8, December 1885] (standard) []
    [pp 462-76 of this issue is a long illustrated article on San Jose, by Carrie Stevens Walter of San Jose, winner of the poetry contest in a previous issue _ and identified here as living in SJ. As to whether or not she is Babek—will we ever know?]

    Golden Fleece   (about)
    Subtitled “Historical Adventure Magazine”.

    • Publishers:
      • Sun Publications; Chicago, IL: Golden Fleece.
    • Editors:

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