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    The Golden Era   (about)
    In one form or another The Golden Era was in its 35th year, more or less, in 1885 in San Francisco.
    Originally begun as a tabloid literary paper (or so I am told), in this 1885 incarnation it was Standard size or slightly smaller. I append some of the info supplied in one issue.
    The magazine later moved from San Francisco to San Diego and continued there for a while. Jesse Shepherd, of whom I have written earlier, stopped giving piano recitals and became a full-time writer after his initial sales to this magazine. The world of letters did not quake; but it is worth noting that his memoir of growing up in the time of Abraham Lincoln is STILL IN PRINT today.
    These issues contained many illustrations of local people, buildings, etc. The volume I examined, at the Oakland Public Library’s local history room, is missing the first 82 pages and it is possible there were fiction pieces in those. (If there was a Table of Contents it is also lost.)
    Editor: Harr Wagner Publisher: Golden Era Company, 712 Montgomery, San Francisco.

    The Golden Era [v34 #3, June 1885] (standard) []
    [Harr Wagner was a well-known writer in the San Francisco bohemian/writer circle. As far as I know he is not the same person as E. R. Wagner of Springfield OH … but perhaps there is some connection.]
    [We shall probably never know who Babek was.]
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