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    The Ladies’ Home Journal [v16 #10, September 1899] (Curtis, 10¢, 42pp, tabloid, cover by S. Werner) []
    Despite being a monthly, this Curtis publication (stablemate to The Saturday Evening Post), turns out not to be a “standard magazine” after all. That is to say, it’s not roughly 10 inches by seven, with a spine, like its monthly contemporaries such as The Cosmopolitan, Harper’s, Scribner’s, etc. No, it’s in story-paper or “weekly” format, big, floppy and spineless. It’s about 16.5 inches tall, by 11.5 inches wide. This issue has 42 pages, including the cover. It’s on fairly glossy stock, with a mono (green ink) pictorial cover—a domestic picture of a young-middle-aged woman in a hammock, with a girl and dog on a rug by her side, tea things laid out on a small table.

    The back half of the magazine (or “the book,” in American magazine-publishing parlance) contains copious advertising mixed in with editorial copy. The front half is all editorial, including fiction. The fiction contents of this issue are:
    Details supplied by Jeff Kaylin.

    Ladies’ Home Journal [v17 #2, January 1900] (standard) []
    Issue partially indexed from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.
    • 3 · The Home-Coming of the Nakannies · W. A. Fraser · ss

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