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    Lippincott’s Magazine [v93 #1, No. 553, January 1914] (25¢, 128pp) []
    from the bound volume (lacking covers) at the U of Minnesota Libraries. At the end of the bound volume are well over a hundred pages of combined, unpaginated advertising sections; besides ads, each contains a long column, “Walnuts and Wine,” with poetry, quotes, jokes, and fictional vignettes, plus another column, “Twentieth Century Travel” by Churchill Williams on motoring issues. The short pieces in “Walnuts and Wine” are signed and in total number exceed the “real” contributions in each issue, but I don’t have the energy to index the lot—especially since there are no page numbers and no issue dates with which to identify them (though the latter could be deduced by relative position). Maybe at some time in the future…
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

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