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    Lovat Dickson’s Magazine [v4 #6, June 1935] ed. L. A. G. Strong (Lovat Dickson Ltd., 1/-, 124pp, 15cm x 22½cm) []
    This is the last issue, though nothing in the issue itself indicates that, and subscriptions were still offered. But “End Pages” is gone, aside from a couple of lines announcing the winner of their last contest, which may be significant. What also may be significant is a production error where most pages are numbered incorrectly (and this is retained in the facsimile I’m using); the numbers as given in the Table of Contents are correct (and it’s those I use below) but those on the pages themselves drop two hundred digits starting with the page that should be 613 but is appears as 413—and so on to “508” which is really 708, and the last page of the last issue.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Love Affairs:   (about)
    This later became first True Love Affairs (a nonfiction title); then Startling Detective Adventures (which began as a fictionmag and then became nonfiction again).

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