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    Locomotive Firemen’s Magazine   (about)
    Listing of fiction, and major non-fiction, only; no fillers, technical detail articles and no editorial content included. A large part of each issue is devoted to technical drawings and educational material about locomotives, braking systems, and general knowledge for railroad employees; that material is not indexed here.

    Locomotive Firemen’s Magazine [v30 #6, June 1901] ed. W. S. Carter (Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, standard) []
    Details supplied by Mike Ward.
    • 814 · O.R. and N.Y. Ry.: The Columbia River—Along the Line of the O.R. and N.Y. Ry. · [uncredited] · fp; photograph.
    • 815 · Japan—Past and Present / Part 2: the Present · [uncredited] · ar; illustrated by photos; photos continue into the next, very different, item.
    • 867 · All Kinds of Luck · W. L. French · ss; illustrated by ?
    • 871 · The New Superintendent · John Smith · ss; illustrated by D. L. C.
    • 874 · The Baby Land Express · Ed. E. Sheasgreen · pm
    • 903 · The Railroad Financier · John A. Gray · pm
    • 1020 · Expectancy · P. C. Johnson · pm Washington Evening Star; same poem as on page 645, with corrected author’s name.

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