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    Other Times   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • P.P. Layouts (Publishers) Ltd.; London, England: Other Times.
    • Editors:

    Other Worlds   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Gryphon Publications; Brooklyn, NY: Other Worlds.
    • Editors:

    Other Worlds Science Stories:   (about)
    Raymond Palmer launched Other Worlds Science Stories in November 1949 as a fiction counterpart to his major magazine Fate, which focused on UFOs and the unexplained, shortening the title to Other Worlds in November 1952.

    After running into financial problems, Palmer folded the magazine in 1953 and launched two new magazines in its place - Science Stories and Universe Science Fiction. While Palmer referred to the former as being the successor to Other Worlds it folded after only four issues and he concentrated on Universe Science Fiction instead.

    After ten issues, Palmer formally announced that Universe had expired, but immediately relaunched Other Worlds Science Stories with issue numbering continued directly from Universe AND a secondary issue numbering related to the 31 issues of the first run of Other Worlds.

    In June 1957 the title changed to Flying Saucers from Other Worlds which, for four issues, alternated between a Flying Saucers emphasis and an Other Worlds emphasis; only three of which featured any fiction.

    Other Worlds Science Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Clark Publishing Co.; Evanston, IL: Other Worlds Science Stories, Dec 1949 – Jul 1953.
    • Editors:
    • Features:
      • Reviews of Current Science Fiction Books · Forrest J. Ackerman · br; May - Sep 50.
      • Science Fiction Book Reviews · P. Schuyler Miller · br; Jan - Dec 51, Jan, Apr 52.
      • Science Fiction Book Reviews · Bob Tucker · br; Jan, Mar, Sep, Oct 51, Jan, Jul 52.

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