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    The Recluse   (about)
    A one-shot amateur journalism publication with a high concentration of fantasy and fantasy-related material. Often considered the first fanzine, though it predates the formation of SF fandom by several years. A “facsimile” reprint (actually a Xerox) was issued by Moshassuck Press, Glenview, IL in 1990.

    • Publishers:
      • The Recluse Press; Athol, MA: The Recluse.
    • Editors:

    Recommended Reading [Issue No. 230, October 12, 2016] (online) []
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • · Introduction to “The Great Silence” · Karen Joy Fowler · is
    • · The Great Silence · Ted Chiang · ss e-flux journal May 8 2015
      written as a script for the video installation at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum with artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla (2014).

    Red Blooded Stories:   (about)

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