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    Weird Trails: The Magazine of Supernatural Cowboy Stories [v20 #1, April 1933] ed. Abner Gibber (Bar Sinister Publications, 20¢, 122pp, pulp, cover by Ed Ward) []
    One-shot takeoff of Weird Tales with a supernatural cowboy theme. Published in 2004 by Wildside Press (0-8095-1150-9, $19.95) as a “facsimile” (perfect bound) of the 1933 “original” issue. managing editor Darrell Schweitzer.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 6 · The Haunted Corral · The Readers · lt; informs us that the January issue contained part 1 of the Goulart serial, and also “Blazing Sixguns of Slavering Horror” by Col. S. P. Meek, USA; “The Buffalo’s Revenge” by Arthur J. Burks; “O Dat Golden Ichor” by Petronius Drumgoole, “Trail of the Turgid Terror” by Zealia Bishop; “The Whispering Wazoo” by Roman Ranieri; and the concluding part of “Thundering Brains” by Oliver Osgood Oblongata; plus a feature on “Eldritch Cowboy Songs.” Stories from previous issues referenced include “Guns of the Shambler” by Ron Goulart (a Sheriff Jim Destiny story) and “Showdown at Fuggoth Flats” by Moamrath, “back in ’28 or so.”
    • 12 · Riders of the Purple Ooze [Buck Eldritch] · M. M. Moamrath · ss Nickelodeon #1, 1975; illustrated by Ed Ward
    • 19 · Behind the Music · Craig Shaw Gardner · ss; illustrated by P. D. O’Main
    • 25 · Ghostly Limerick · Ed Ward · pm
    • 26 · New Gods for Old [Part 1 of ?] · P. D. “Tequilla-Cured” Casek · uw; illustrated by Keith Minnion
    • 37 · The Cow-Men of Coburn · Will Murray · ss; illustrated by P. D. Weincek
    • 48 · Around the Bend in the Trail · [uncredited] · ms; announces that the May issue will include “Return to Fuggoth Flats” (a new Buck Eldritch story) by M. M. Moamrath; “The Gibbering Galoot” by Petronious Pemican, Ph.D.; and a heavily revised reprint of “The Waste Land” by Tex Straightshooter Eliot, along with the serial parts, a new “Riverrun Ranch” story by James Joyce, and new storis by Lee “Tex” Weinstein, P.D. “Tex” Cacek, Col. George “Tex” Scithers, Howard Phillips “Rhode Island” Lovecraft, Robert Leslie Bellem, Seabury Quinn, Bassett Morgan, E. Hoffman Price, and J. Hieronymous Hackworth.
    • 49 · The One That Got Away · Mike Resnick · ss
    • 52 · The Rider of the Dark · Darrell Schweitzer · ss; illustrated by Allen Koszowski
    • 60 · Trouble in Cthulhu Canyon [Part 4 of 5] · Ron Goulart · sl; illustrated by Russell Morgan
    • 66 · The Devil’s Tune · Ray Faraday Nelson · ss; illustrated by Ray Faraday Nelson
    • 72 · Dub · Gregory Frost · ss; illustrated by Keith Minnion
    • 83 · The Three Gray Wolves · Jim Harmon · ss; illustrated by P. Domain
    • 87 · Spud Wrangler · Kent Patterson · ss Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine #17, 1994; illustrated by Allen Koszowski
    • 93 · [adverts] · [uncredited] · ms; touts the April issue of companion magazine Spicy Oriental Zeppelin Stories, featuring a novel, “Flaming Devils of the Air,” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Robert M. Hogan; and two novelettes: “The Deadly Gasbags of Ah-Chu-Fung” by Robert Leslie Bellem and “Revenge of the Hydrogen Horde” by Col. Sean “Bucky” Wallace.
    • 94 · Going After Yeechiphooie · David Sherman · ss; illustrated by David Grilla
    • 104 · Dry Days in Yellow Gulch · John Gregory Betancourt · ss; illustrated by P. d’Omaine
    • bc. · [blurb] · [uncredited] · ms; notes that Moamrath had also been published by such “rare pulps magazines as Sargasso Sea Stories, Mildewed Romances, Aryan Atrocity Adventures, and Depraved Tales”.

    Weird World   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Gannet Press (Sales) Limited, Birkenhead, England: Weird World.

    Weird Worlds (US, 1978)   (about)
    A mixed fiction/non-fiction magazine distributed only through schools. Other issues may exist.

    • Publishers:
      • Scholastic Book Services: Weird Worlds.
    • Editors:

    Semi-professional magazine, some issues were also done in hardcover as collectors’ editions. See also Toadstool Wine and Eerie Country and its successors, which were issued to decrease the backlog of stories bought for Weirdbook.

    • Publishers:
      • W. Paul Ganley; Chambersburg, PA: Weirdbook, #1 – #5.
      • W. Paul Ganley; Buffalo, NY: Weirdbook, #6 – .
    • Editors:

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