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    Ainslee’s Magazine (1898):   (about)
    The magazine began in March 1897 as The Yellow Kid, a humor semi-weekly, coat-tailing on the popularity of the “Yellow Kid” newspaper cartoons. In July 1897 it became a monthly as The Yellow Book. As the Yellow Kid boom faded, it changed format and was renamed Ainslee’s in February 1898. At first it was a general-interest magazine, with articles and stories, but in late 1902 it changed to an all-fiction format. It lasted until December 1926, after which it was merged into Far West Illustrated.

    The Yellow Book [Vol. I No. 10, August 1897] (Howard, Ainslee & Co., Publishers, 5¢)
    Subtitled “A Monthly Magazine of Wit, Fiction and Illustration”. Fiction only indexed.
    Details taken from Table of Contents.

    The Yellow Book [v2 #1, January 1898] (Howard, Ainslee & Co., Publishers, 5¢, 64pp, 7″ x 10¼″)
    Fiction only indexed. Also contains numerous squibs and anecdotes, some with a racial bias, and articles on Barrie’s The Little Minister, Pilar-Morin the Pantomist, the types of the metropolis, and Harry B. Smith’s / Victor Hugo’s comic opera The Idol’s Eye.
    Details supplied by Richard Bleiler.

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