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    The Cavalier (1908):   (about)
    An off-shoot from The Scrap Book; later absorbed The Scrap Book from 6-Jan-1912.

    Index compiled by William J. Clark. Dedicated to: Thelma Agnes Clark (1889-1973) In Loving Memory.

    This version OCRed by Richard Fidczuk and converted/rationalised from there by Phil Stephensen-Payne. Available issues checked by Richard Fidczuk, Richard Bleiler & John Locke. The original Index omitted all poetry, editorials and similar miscellanea. These have been added for the few magazines we have access to. A listing of poems is provided by Gene Christie. The Index specified the size of each item (except serials) in pages rather than the starting page number. For the issues we have access to these have been replaced by the page numbers; for all the others the special page number format -nn- is used.

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