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    Gunter’s Magazine:   (about)

    Gunter’s Magazine
    Gunter’s Magazine was started in Feb 1905 by the Home Publishing Co., which was apparently owned by Archibald Clavering Gunter. Gunter died in 1907 and the company passed through the hands of a Receiver, ending up at Street and Smith with the May 1908 issue. With the October 1910 issue the publisher changed to The La Salle Publishing Co. in Chicago and the title was changed to The New Magazine. That issue featured the old Gunter’s logo as a shadow behind the new name, on the cover and contents page only; every place else in the issue only the new title was used. This magazine’s run effectively ended with that issue, volume 12 number 3, because…

    The very next issue restarted the numbering at volume 1 number 1, and dropped all mention of Gunter’s. The title was modified to New Story Magazine with the August 1911 issue. It passed back to Street & Smith again with the February 1912 issue. With the December 1915 issue the title was changed again, to All Around Magazine. For some reason the numbering was modified with the July 1916 issue, which was volume 2 number 3 instead of the volume 12 number 3 it should have been. It expired for good with the March 1917, issue, volume 3 number 5.

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