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    Fantastic Novels Magazine (Canada) [v2 #3, September 1948] (25¢, 132pp, pulp, cover by Lawrence)
    This is identical to the US issue but is larger in size, says Canadian in the Table of Contents. and changes one of the early adverts and the advert on the back cover. Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

    Fantastic Novels Magazine (Canada) [v4 #1, May 1950] (25¢, pulp)
    Issue partially indexed - probably a direct reprint of the US issue of the same date.
    • · Three Against the Stars · Eric North · na Melbourne Herald 1924, as “The Satyr”

    Fantastic Novels (UK) [(#1, 1950)] (Thorpe and Porter Ltd., 1/-, 132pp, pulp, cover by Virgil Finlay)
    This issue is neither numbered nor dated, nor has any datable adverts, but is believed to be the first issue. The publisher is also unclear, some sources suggest it is Pemberton’s (of Manchester) Ltd. but the magazine carries a Thorpe & Porter advert on the back. Reprint of the November 1949 (US) issue. Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

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