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Wood, Walter (1866-1961) (items) (chron.)
Born in Bradford, England; educated in England and abroad; lived in Sussex.

Wood, William R. D. (1966- ) (items) (chron.)

Woodward, Arthur (1898-1986) (items) (chron.)
Western writer, expert on Navajo silversmithing; resident in Los Angeles, California. Died in Los Angeles, California. Not to be confused with the advertising man (1875?-1934); and not to be confused with antiquarian Arthur Frank Woodward (1883-1973) or geologist and “discoverer” of the “Piltdown Man” Arthur Smith Woodward (1864-1944).

Woodworth, Douglas H. (1894?-1940) (items) (chron.)
Telegraph operator, died in Eau Claire, WI.

Woolrich, Cornell; [i.e., Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich] (1903-1968) (items) (chron.)

Wooton, Edwin (Littler) (1855-1933) (items) (chron.)
A journalist.

Wormser, Richard (Edward) (1908-1977) (items) (chron.)

Worts, George F(rank) (1892-1967) (items) (chron.)
Born in Toledo; radio operator turned freelance writer in Hawaii; screenwriter.

Wrenn, Charles L(ewis) (1880-1952) (items) (chron.)

Wright, Dunham (1842-1942) (items) (chron.)

Wright, Sewell Peaslee (1897-1970) (items) (chron.)
Author, journalist, advertising writer, radio operator. Born in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Wyeth, N(ewell) C(onvers) (1882-1945) (items) (chron.)

Wyn, A(aron) A(rthur) (1898-1967) (items)

Yarnell, Duane (Alvin) (1914-1996) (items) (chron.)
Has also done a biography and a mystery novel.

Yates, Edmund (Hodgson) (1831-1894) (items) (chron.)

Yore, Clem(ent) (1875-1936) (items) (chron.)
Born in St. Louis, Missouri; educated at Washington University Law School; contributor of fiction to numerous magazines; died in Estes Park, Colorado; variously a Texas Ranger, cowpuncher, stage driver, gold prospector, lawyer, journalist, soldier in Spanish-American War, and poet; author of more than 600 short stories and 20 novels; died in Estes Park, Colorado.

Young, Bob (fl. 1940s-1960s) (items) (chron.)
Perhaps writer Robert Franklin Young (1915-1986)

Young, Edgar (1885-?) (items) (chron.)
Writer, travelled through Central America. Not to be confused with the general solicitor for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad (1883?-1941).

Young, Gordon (Raymond) (1886-1948) (items) (chron.)

Young, John Richard (fl. 1940s-1950s) (items) (chron.)
Author of books for young readers. Born in Wisconsin.

Zagat, Arthur Leo (1895-1949) (items) (chron.)

Zimmermann, (Emilie) Irene (1907-1967); used pseudonym Irene Endris (items) (chron.)

Zirm, Rudolph W(ilhelm) (1894-1952) (items) (chron.)

Zschokke, (Johann) Heinrich (Daniel) (1771-1848) (items) (chron.); name also given as Heinrich Zchokke.

Zumpe, Lee Clark (fl. 1990s-2020s) (items) (chron.)

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