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    British Science Fiction Paperbacks and Magazines, 1949-1956, An Annotated Bibliography and Guide by Philip Harbottle & Stephen Holland (The Borgo Press, September 1994, 0-893-70921-2, 232pp, pb)

    Vultures of the Void: A History of British Science Fiction Publishing, 1946-1956 by Philip Harbottle & Stephen Holland (The Borgo Press, December 1992, 0-89370-315-X, $25.00, 128pp, hc, cover by Ron Turner)
        Non-fiction, criticism, a history of post-WWII British science fiction. A paperback edition (-415-6, $15.00) is also available.

    Thief of the World (unpublished) by Mike Harding (Savoy, n.d., 0-86130-061-0, tp, cover by Rodger McPhail)
        By the same successful team, Mike Harding and Rodger McPhail, that produced Up the Boo Aye, Shooting Pookakies, The Thief of the World is a scintillating collection of comic, curious and haunting tales based on the dance melodies of Ireland. Each tale is beautifully illustrated in full colour and has an accompanying music score for those adventurous enough to render the melodies themselves. These enchanting stories of legend, with their roots set firmly in the bogs and limestone crags of the West, make an enchanting book that will thrill and entertain all the family.

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