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Titles Not Included

While an attempt has been made to be as comprehensive as possible in the Science Fiction Index, a line had to be drawn somewhere and there are a number of titles you might expect to find here which have been deliberately excluded. These fall into three major categories:

1. Items that aren't really SF

The original index compiled by Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento was created at a time when few other "genre" indexes had been written and, as such, indexed a number of "fringe titles", particularly in the "hero pulp" and "weird menace" fields, which has some elements of SF but do not really qualify as science fiction, fantasy or weird fiction. As these have now been fully indexed elsewhere, particularly in the Crime Fiction Index and the Adventure Fiction Index there seems no need to repeat them in this index. The titles concerned are:

Adventure Tales Futures Mystery Magazine (UK) Spicy Mystery Stories
(American) Pioneer Tales G-8 and His Battle Aces Mystery Novels and Short Stories The Spider
The Avenger Golden Fleece Mystery Stories Star Detective Magazine
Bizarre! Mystery Magazine The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Mystery Tales Startling Mystery (UK)
Black Cat Mystery Magazine/Quarterly Hutchinson's Adventure Story Magazine The Octopus Stories of Sheena
Blue Star Adventure Hutchinson's Adv/Mys Story Magazine (Secret Service) Operator #5 Strange Adventures (US)
Buccaneer Stories Hutchinson's Mystery Story Magazine Oriental Stories Strange Detective Mysteries
Capt. Hazzard High Adventure Out of the Gutter Strange Detective Stories
Captain Satan Jungle Stories (1931) Prof. Stone Adventures Super-Detective
Captain Zero Jungle Stories (1938) Pulp Review Suspense (Magazine/Tales)
Captain Zero (Canada) Jungle Stories (2007) Pulp Vault Tales of Crime and Punishment
Detective Book Magazine Ka-Zar (the Great) Pulse Pounding Adventure Stories Tales of Mystery and Detection
Dime Mystery (Book) Magazine London Mystery Magazine Real Mystery Magazine Terence X. O'Leary's War Birds (xref)
Doctor Death The Magic Carpet Magazine The Scorpion The Thrill Book
Dr. Yen Sin (Canada) The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Secret Agent X Thrilling Mysteries
Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds Masked Gun Mystery The Secret 6 Thrilling Mystery
Exploration Tales The Mysterious Wu Fang Snappy Mystery Stories Thrills of the Jungle
Famous Detective Stories The Mysterious Wu Fang (Canada) Speed Mystery Underworlds
Fantastic Adventure Stories Mystery and Detection Spicy Air Tales  

2. General Magazines with "special SF issues" or related interest

The original index also contained a number of magazines which typically contained little or no SF, but which published special SF issues, or which had some related connection to the genre. In many cases other issues of the same magazine are already indexed in the Fictionmags Index so it seems sensible to exclude those magazines from this index as well. The titles concerned are:

Antæus Edge [1973] Overland Monthly Stories Annual
Argosy (1990s) Fate Pearson's Magazine Strange (1952)
Argosy Magazine/Quarterly The Fiction Magazine [1982] Penthouse Strange Romances
An Argosy Special: Science Fiction Flame [1936] Pig Iron Strange Suicides
Ballyhoo International Storyteller Portico [197?] Swill
The Best of Argosy Annual Irreantum Prairie Fire 10 Story Book
Bestsellers Libbon Puck Thunder's Shadow Collector's Magazine
Best Stories (of All Time) Lucky Stories Pulpsmith Tin House
Borderline Mag-a-Book Rake Trap Door
Child Life Medical Horrors Real War Tri-Quarterly
The Clack Book Mississippi Review Romanian Review True Mystic Science
Clever Truths The Missouri Review Room of One's Own True Weird
Conjunctions Modern Wonder Rosebud [1993] Whistling Shade
Corridor New Libertarian (Notes) Semiotext(e) Wicked Mystic
Cricket Omnibook Magazine Sovereign Magazine Wright's Shakespeare Library
Descant (Canada) One Soviet Literature  

3. Minor magazines

The SFFWF field is an incredibly prolific one and there are (literally) an unknown number of minor magazines, ranging from the fanzines of the 1930s to the online magazines of the 2010s, many of which have not even been catalogued, let alone indexed. In some cases, partial listings of these titles are available in the Fictionmags Index while in others little is known beyond the magazine title and rough publication details. Over time, hopefully, some of these titles will be fully indexed and will be added to the Science Fiction Index, but, for now, the following titles have been excluded:

Abortions Dark Tome Imagination [1971] Pulsar!
Absent Willow Review Dark Visions Imagination [1990s] Purpleverse
Ad Astra [1965] Daughters of Nyx Imaginative Fiction Quantum
Adbhut Dead Letters Incredible Quantum Muse
Aeon Speculative Fiction Deadspawn Infinity [1970] The Realm Beyond
Afterburn SF Dementia 13 Infinity [1987] Realm of Fantasy
Agog Descend Infinity Ltd. Redshift
The Alchemist Destiny [1991] Inside (Science Fiction) Renaissance
Aleph-Null Dianoura The International SF Guild's Bulletin Renard's Menagerie
Alien Culture Diaspar Interstellar Fiction The Richard S. Shaver Magazine
Alien Landings Diehard In the Shadow of the Monolith Rictus
Alien Skin Digressions Invisible Stories Sargasso
alphaDrive Dipple Chronicle Is Science*Fiction [1945]
Altair [1950] Don-o-saur Ixxis Science Fiction Collector [1930s]
Alternate Realities Doorways Janus Science Fiction Scout
Alternaties Double:Bill (fnz) Jayland Unlimited Scienti-Comics
Alternative Coordinates Dragonlore Jinnia Clan Journal Scifaikuest
Anomaly Dragonwings Jinx Scream Queens
Anotherealm The Dream Cell Kinda Kinky Seventh Dimension
Antares Dream Quest Klein Bottle The Seventh Seal
Anthro Dream Scene Knights Severed Tales
Antipodean SF Duckspeak The Kore SFanzine
Antithesis [1973] Ecce Lakeside Circus Shadowdance
Aphelion (online) Eclipse [1966] Lathered in Crimson Shadowland [1950s]
Apocalypse Fiction Eclipse [1970] Laughing Osiris Shadowland [1990s]
Appalling Stories Edgar Rice Burroughs Leprechaun Shiver
Arcana Edge of Twilight Les Spinge Si-Fan
Arcane eFantasy Lethe The Silent Companion
Arioch Eldritch Science Lighthouse [1960s] Sinfully Twisted
Arkham Tales Elegia The Little Corpuscle Sinister Tales
Art & Story 1130 Club The Looking Glass Skewed
ASFO Embelyon Lost Worlds Skinned Alive
Asmodeus [1969] Empire for the SF Writer Low Orbit Sky Hook
Astonishing Stories [1935] Entropy Macabre Tales Sol Reader
Astounding Tales Erotic Horror & Fantasy Magazine The Magi The Southern Star
Athene Escape [1930s] Mainstream Space Magazine
Atomjack Escape Velocity The Many Worlds of Jack Vance Space Squid
Aurora Speculative Feminism eSciFi Maplecade Spaceship
Aurora Ethereal Gazette Mars! Space Tales
Aurora Wolf Eulogy The Marvellous Magazine Spaceteer
Auslander Eusifanso The Masked Spaceman Spaceways
Avatar Event Horizon [1987] Masque (UK) Spearhead
Avesta Exile [1960s] Meshuggah Spectra-Foundation SF & Fantasy Mag
Backlog Expanded Horizons Midnight Wine Speculation
Banana Skins Expressions of Dread Mindscapes SPGA Showcase
Banana Wings Extro [1980] Mirage The Stake
Bane Eye of Newt Miriad The Standing Stone
The Banshee Fabulist [2009] Mirth and Irony Stardust [1960s]
Barbarian Scroll Fadaway The Miskatonic Starlight [1941]
Bardic Runes Fairy Tale Review Modern Mythology Starlight [1953]
The Barsoomian Fanatic Monomyth Starlit Fantasy
Bar Trek Fandom Unlimited The Monsters Next Door Stellarite
Beabohema Fanomena Moondust STFanatic
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Fan Slants Morgan Smith Stone Telling
The Best of Argosy Annual Fantascience Digest Moslem in Cambridge Straightjacket
Betelgeuse Fantasia [1941] The Multiversal Scribe Strange Aeons [1990s]
Bête Noire Fantasia [1951] Muse Fantastique Strange Aeons [2010]
Beyond [1943] Fantasite Muzzy Strange Brew
Beyond the Moon Fantasmagoria Mythos Strange Wonderland
Bite Me Magazine Fantast Sidetrack The NASFA Shuttle Strix
The Black Cat (UK) Fantasy Annual [1948] Nebula [1950] The Stylus [1993]
Black Flames Fantasy Collector's Annual Nebula [1970] Styx
Black Hole Fantasy Digest Nebula Rift Subterranean Press Magazine
The Black Lily Fantasy Empire Necrography Sumer Morn
Black Moon Fantasy Fiction Field Necromancer Sun Spots
Black Oracle Fantasy Jackpot Necrophantasy Symphonie's Gift
Black Skull Magazine Fantasy Times New Realm Syzygy
Blood from 'Stones Fantome New Venture [1975] Tabebuian
Bloodlines Fanvariety New Witchcraft Talers Tales
Bloodrake Farrago New Words Tales from Texas
The Blue Lady Flash Fiction Online Next Phase Tales of Blood and Roses
Boggle Foma Night Dreams Tales of Horror and Damnation
Bone Chilling Tales Foundation The Nightmare Express Tales of the Episco Pals
Bone Marrow Review Franson's Nightmares Quarterly Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque
Brillig Future Focus Nightside The Tale Spinner
Bulletin of the Cleveland SF Society Futurian War Digest Night to Dawn Tangent [1976]
Bulletin of Terrestrial Fantascience Guild Galaxy [1939] Night Views Terra
Burroughs Bulletin Garage Floor Nightworld Terror
Cabal Asylum Gathering Darkness The Nocturnal Lyric Terror Hunters Journal
Cactus Giallar Nomad Tesseract
Camber Giganotosaurus Not at Night The Thing
Canadian Fandom Glutonlumps Chilling Tales Nova [1941] Thirteen Magazine
Canticles from Labowitz Goblin Fruit Nova [1972] Tiamat
Catenary Tales Golana Nova [1989] Time Travel Tales
Cats with Wings Golden Atom Novae Terrae Tiofart
Cemetery Moon Goodwitch Stories The Nucleus TLMA
Censored Gothic Light Nu Ormenel Collected Tomorrow Magazine [1970]
Centauri Granfalloon Ogre The Torquasian Times
Challenger Graveyard Rendezvous Old Bones Toward Tomorrow
Chanticleer Grimoire [1993] Omnifan Trail of Indiscretion
The Chigger Patch of Fandom Grok Operation Fantast Transmission
Chimaeran Review The Grotesque [1940s] The Oracle [1982] Troat
Chronicle Grue [1953] The Orbit: Joe R. Lansdale Newsletter The Tryout
Ciln Gryffon's Star Orion Science Fiction Twilight Garden
Cinquefoil Grymalkin Ouroboros Twisted Dreams Magazine
Citadel Gynaezine The Outlander Tycho
The City Morgue Hands in the Dark Outsider Undinal Songs
Clarges Harbinger [1975] Padwolf Presents: Fantasy and SF The United Co-operative
The Colored Lens The Hardcore Pages [1988] Utopian
The Comet (fnz) Harsh Reality Pan Demos Vamperotica Magazine
The Communicator Haunted Journal Paradox [1942] The Vampire Journal
Cosmic Speculative Fiction Heart Attack Parlour Papers Vanations
Cosmic Tales Heliocentric Net The Periodical Lungfish The Velvet Vampyre
Crabapple Heliophobe The Phantagraph Visionary Tongue
Crifanac Helios Phantasia Waxen Wings and Banana Skins
Crossed Genres Magazine Hocus Phenomena Waylines
Crucified Toad Holier Than Thou Phile Whispers from the Dark
Cygni Horizons (fnz) Phoenix Phables White Dwarf
The Cygnus Chronicler Horrorfest Piffle The Wolverine
Daarke World The Horror Fiction Review (fnz) Pluto Wordworks
The Daily Phantagraph The Horror Zine Polaris [1940] Wotta World
Daily Science Fiction The H.P. Lovecraft Fanzine Polaris [1980] Xeron
Damned Thing Hugin and Munin Popular Music & Science-Fiction Journal Yandro
Dark Infinity Hyphen [1952] Pornographic Onion Yawning Vortex
Dark Muse Ibidem Prism Ye Yowlings of Yog-Sothoth
Dark's Art Parlour Ideomancer Procyon Zenith [1941]
Dark Side If! (fnz) Proteus [1966] Zenith (Speculation)
Dark Star IFA Review Psychic Dimensions The Zobee