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Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the SF Magazine Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Äardwolf Ad Astra
Abandoned Towers Airgedlámh
Aberations/Aberrations Aklo
Aboriginal Science Fiction Al-Azif
Aboriginal Science Fiction Anthology The Alien Has Landed (*)
Absolute Magnitude Alien Worlds [1966]
Ace Mystery Amaranth
(The) Acolyte Amateur Science Stories
Adventure Mystery Tales Amazing Adventures
Adventures in Horror Amazing Science Stories
Adventures of Sword and Sorcery Amazing Stories (UK)
Adventure Tales American Fiction
After Hours Analog (UK)
Age of Wonder Anduril (*)
Agony in Black (*) Another Earth
Air Wonder Stories Arc
Alchemy Arcanum
Alien Worlds Astounding Science Fiction (UK)
Allen K's Inhuman Auguries
Alpha Adventures (*) Authentic Science Fiction (Series)
All Possible Worlds Back Brain Recluse
All Rare (*) Back Brain Recluse Collections
Alternate Hilarities (*) Balthus
Alternities The Best of Back Brain Recluse
Alt Hist The Best of Ghosts & Scholars
Always Comes Twilight Beware the Dark
Amateur Correspondent Beyond Fantasy & Science Fiction
Amazing [1950] Beyond Fantasy Fiction (UK)
Amazing Adventures [1981] (*) Beyond the Borderland
Amazing Detective Stories Beyond the Boundaries
Amazing Detective Tales BFS Booklets
Amazing Experiences BFS Journal
Amazing Journeys Magazine (*) Black Static
Amazing Stories Black Tears
Amazing Stories Annual A Book of Weird Tales
Amazing Stories Quarterly British Science Fiction Magazine
Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel British Space Fiction Magazine
Amberzine Broadsword
American Fantasy Cassandra Anthology
American Pioneer Tales Chills
A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine Close to the Edge
Amra Cold Print
Analog Colonies Science Fiction Magazine
Analog Annual Cosmic Science Stories
Analog Anthology Cosmos Complete Novel
Analog Yearbook Cosmos Science Fiction Series
Anubis Cthulhu: Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
Aoife's Kiss Cyäegha
Apex! Dagon
Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest/Magazine Dark Asylum
Ares Dark Dreams
Ares Special Edition Dark Horizons
The Argonaut [1977] Dark of Night
Argos Dark Tales
An Argosy Special: Science Fiction Dead Things
Ariel: The Book of Fantasy Dragon Wynd
The Arkham Collector Dream Magazine
The Arkham Sampler Dreams from the Strangers' Cafe
Artemis Dreams of a Dark Hue
Asimov's Science Fiction The Dream Zone
Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine Dynamic Science Fiction (UK)
Asmodeus [1950] Dynamic Science Stories (UK) (*)
Astonishing Stories E'ch Pi El
Astounding Science Fiction The Edge [1989]
Astounding Stories Enigmatic Novellas
Astounding Stories Yearbook Enigmatic Tales
Astounding SF Erotic Science Fiction Stories
Astral Dimensions Ethereal Tales (*)
Astro-Adventures Extro (Science Fiction)
Atlan Exuberance
Atopos Fantastic (UK)
Aura [1979] Fantastic Adventures (UK) [1946]
Author's Choice Monthly Fantastic Adventures (UK) [1950]
The Avalonian Fantastic Novels (UK)
The Avenger Fantastic Science Thriller
Avon Fantasy Reader Fantasy [1938]
Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader Fantasy [1946]
Avon Science Fiction Reader Fantasy Adventures
Balik Fantasy Annual
Bare Bone Fantasy Booklet
The Best of Argosy Annual Fantasy Quarterly
The Best of Omni Science Fiction Fantasy Tales
The Best of the Mage Far Point
The Best Science Fiction Farthing
Beyond [1981] (*) Fear [1988]
Beyond [1985] Fiction Magazine [2007]
Beyond Centauri (*) Fireside Ghost Stories
Beyond Fantasy Fiction Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts
Beyond Infinity Frighteners
Bizarre [1941] F20
Bizarre Bazaar Fusing Horizons
Bizarre Fantasy Tales Future (Combined with) Science Fiction (Stories) (UK)
The Black Cat (US) (*) Future Fantasy and Science Fiction (UK)
The Black Cat [1970] Futuristic Science Stories
Black Gate Futuristic Stories
Black Ink Horror Galaxy Science Fiction (UK)
Black Lite Ganymede Science Fiction
Black Lotus The Gate
Black October Magazine Ghosts & Scholars
Black Petals (*) Ghosts and Goblins
Black Satellite Ghoul
Blood, Blade, & Thruster Magazine Gripping Terror
Blood Moon Rising (*) Grotesque
Blood Oranges Harbottle Fantasy Booklet
The Blood Review Haunted Dreams
Blood Roses Here & Now
Blood Samples (*) Horror Express
The Blue Lady (*) Horror Monthly
Blue Shift Horror Stories [1948] (UK)
Bones of the Children Hub
Book of Dark Wisdom If (UK) (*)
Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Imagine
Bourbon Penn Impulse
Bull Spec Inferno!
Burning Sky Interzone
Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens Jupiter
Cabinet des Fees Khrizma
Captain Future Kimota
Carnage Hall Kzine
Cat Tales Legend: Worlds of Possibility
Cemetery Dance Lichgate
Cenotaph Lighthouse Magazine
Century Lovecraft's Disciples
Chacal The Lyre
Champagne Horror Mab Sêr
Champagne Shivers Maelstrom
Chillers The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (UK) [1953]
The Chronicler of Cross Plains The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (UK) [1959]
Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex Marvel Science Stories (UK)
Churchyard The Master Thriller Series
City Slab Midnight Street
The Clack Book Mind Boggling Science Fiction
Clarkesworld (online) MindMaps
Comet (US) Mind's Eye
Conjurings More Ghosts & Scholars
Continuum Science Fiction Morpheus Tales
Copy Magazine Murky Depths
The Corpse Mystique: Tales of Wonder
Cosmag (*) Nasty Piece of Work
Cosmic Stories Nebula Science Fiction
Cosmic Tales (*) Nemonymous
Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy [1953] New Horizons
Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine [1977] New Moon (1991)
Coven 13 New Moon Quarterly
Cover of Darkness (*) New Visions
Crank! New Worlds [1939]
Creative Brothers Sci-Fi Magazine (*) New Worlds [1946]
Critical Mass Magazine Nexus [1991]
Cross Plains Nightfall
Crossroads Nocturne [2005] (*)
Crossworlds Magazine Noesis SF Magazine
Crypt of Cthulhu Nova Science Fiction Novels
Cthulhu Calls (*) Nova SF
Cthulhu Codex Occult Shorts
Cthulhu Cultus Odyssey [1997]
Cthulhu Sex (*) Omni (UK) [1978] (*)
Cyber Age Adventures Omni (UK) [1984]
Cyber-Psychos A.O.D. Opus Quarterly
Dagger of the Mind (*) The Original Science Fiction Stories (UK)
Dark Corners Orion
Dark Corridor Other Times
Dark Discoveries Outlands
Dark Jesters Out of the Woodwork
The Darklands Project (*) Out of This World
Dark Legacy Out of This World [1958]
Darkling Plain Overspace
Dark Messenger Reader Peep Show
Dark Moon Digest Peeping Tom
Dark Muse (*) Phantasy Province
Darkness Within Phantom
Dark Phantasms Phantoms
Dark Realms Picatrix
Dark Regions (& Horror Magazine) (*) Planet Stories (UK)
Dark Shadows Story Digest Magazine Postscripts
Dark Wisdom Premonitions
Dark Worlds ProtoStellar
Deadbolt Psychotrope
Dead Lines R.E.M.
Dead of Night Roadworks
Deathrealm Sackcloth & Ashes
Delirium Sacrum Regnum
Dementia The Satellite (*)
Destinies The Scanner
Destiny [1950] Scheherazade
Diabolique Science Fantasy
Different (*) Science Fiction (UK)
Different Realities Science Fiction Adventures (UK)
The Diversifier Science Fiction Fortnightly
Doc Savage Science Fiction Library [1960]
Doctor Death Science Fiction Monthly [1951]
Dr. Yen Sin Science Fiction Monthly [1974]
The Dogtown Review Science Fiction Quarterly (UK) [1943]
Doppelgänger Science Fiction Quarterly (UK) [1952]
Dragon Magazine Science Fiction Stories (UK)
The DragonFang Scifantastic Magazine
The Dragon-Fly Sci-Fright
Dragontales Scoops
Dread Scream 4 Me
Dreaming in R'lyeh Screen Chills and Macabre Stories
Dreams and Nightmares S.F. Digest
Dreams of Decadence sf Impulse
Dream World [1957] Sfinx
Dynamic Science Fiction SF Reprise
Dynamic Science Stories Sierra Heaven
Earwig Flesh Factory Sinister Stories (UK)
Edge, Tales of Suspense Skeleton Crew
Eerie Country Slant
Eerie Mysteries Something Else
Eerie Stories Sound SF: The Tape Magazine
Eldritch Tales Space Fact and Fiction
The Electrical Experimenter Space Science Fiction (UK)
Electric Velocipede Spaceway (UK)
Encounters Magazine (*) Space-Wise
The End (*) Spectrum SF
Epic Illustrated Squane's Journal (*)
Epitaph Star Roots
Equinox (*) Startling Mystery (UK)
Escape! Startling Space Stories
Escaping Elsewhere Startling Stories (UK)
Etchings & Odysseys Strange Adventures (UK)
Eternity Science Fiction Strange Attractor
Event Horizon Strange Sorcery
Evermist Strange Tales
Exciting UFO Stories Street & Smith's Unknown (UK)
Expanse String (*)
The Experimenter Substance
Famous Fantastic Mysteries Supernatural Stories
Famous Science Fiction Super Science Stories (UK)
Fanciful Tales Supernatural Tales
Fang (*) Swan American Magazine
The Fanscient Sweet Dreams, Baby!
Fantasia [1941] (*) Tales After Dark
Fantasia [1951] (*) Tales of Ghosts and Haunted Houses
Fantasque Tales of Obscenity
Fantastic [1952] Tales of Terror
Fantastic Adventures Tales of the Uncanny
Fantastic Adventures Quarterly Tales of the Weird West
Fantastic Adventures Yearbook Tales of Tomorrow
Fantastic Novels Tales of Wonder
Fantastic Science Fiction Tangent
Fantastic Stories of the Imagination Territories (*)
Fantastic Story Quarterly Terror Tales (UK) [1940]
Fantastic Story Magazine Terror Tales [1997]
Fantastic Tales Theurgy Magazine
Fantastic Universe The Third Alternative
Fantastic Worlds [1952] Threads (*)
Fantastic Worlds [1995] 3SF
Fantastique Unfettered Thrilling Stories (UK)
Fantasy and Fear Thrilling Tales [2007]
Fantasy and Terror Thrilling Wonder Stories (UK)
Fantasy Book [1947] Thrills
Fantasy Book [1981] Tops in Science Fiction (UK)
Fantasy Classics Twisted Tongue
Fantasy Crossroads UK Omni
Fantasy Crossroads Special Edition Unhinged
Fantasy Crosswinds The Universal Mind
The Fantasy Fan Unknown (Worlds) (UK)
Fantasy Fiction [1950] Utopian Booklets
Fantasy Macabre Utter Entropy
Fantasy Magazine [1934] Vargo Statten British Science Fiction Magazine
Fantasy Magazine [1953] Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine
Fantasy Magazine [2005] Venture Science Fiction (UK)
Fantasy Mongers Violent Spectres
Fantasy Reader Vollmond
Fantasy Stories Vortex [1977]
Fantasy World Geographic Magazine Weird and Occult Library
Far Frontiers Weird and Occult Miscellany
Farmerphile Weirdly Supernatural
Fear! [1960] Weird Pocket Library
Fiction River Weird Science Illustories
Fictitious Force Weird Shorts
Figment Weird Story Magazine
Fireside Weird Tales (UK)
Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine Weird Window
Flesh & Blood Weird World
Flying Saucers from Other Worlds Weird Worlds [2006]
Flytrap Whispers of Wickedness
Footsteps Winter Chills
Forbidden Lines Wonders of the Spaceways
Forgotten Fantasy Works
Fortress World of Horror
The 14th Alternative Worlds of Fantasy [1950]
The Fractal (*) Worlds of the Universe
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated Worlds of Tomorrow (UK)
Freezer Burn Magazine Yankee Science Fiction
Fresh Ink Yankee Weird Shorts
From Beyond the Dark Gateway The Yellow Sign
From Unknown Worlds Zest [1997]
Frothing at the Mouth The Zone
Full Unit Hookup  
Fungi (Quarterly) (*) Australia
Fury Magazine Abaddon
Future Combined with Science Fiction (Stories) Altair
Future Fantasy and Science Fiction American Science Fiction (Magazine)
Future Fiction Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine
Future Science Fiction (Stories) Aphelion Science Fiction Magazine
Futuria Fantasia Astounding Science-Fiction (Australia) (*)
Galactic Citizen Aurealis
Galaxy Science Fiction Australian Horror and Fantasy Magazine
Galaxy Science Fiction Novels Bloodsongs
Galaxy's Edge Borderlands
Galileo Cosmos
Gamma Crux
Gaslight Dark Animus
Gateways (*) Darke World (*)
Gateway S-F Magazine Eidolon
Gemini EOD
The Ghost Fables and Reflections
Ghostlight Famous American Science Fiction
Ghost Stories Fantasy Fiction [1949]
Glyph Far Out
The Gorgon Flame [1936]
Gothic Forerunner
Gothic Romances Future Science Fiction (Australia)
Gothic Secrets Futurist
Gothic Stories Futuristic Science
The Grabinski Reader Futuristic Tales
Grave Tales Harbinger
Greatest Uncommon Denominator The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Australia)
Great Science Fiction Magazine Masque Noir (*)
Great Science Fiction Stories Midnight Echo
Great Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine Misanthrope
Grendel Song Nebula Science Fiction (Australia) (*)
Grim Corps Nerve Gardens
Grimoire Nexus
Grue Omega Science Digest
Hadrosaur Tales Omicron
Hardware Orbit
Harsh Mistress Orb Speculative Fiction
The Haunted Sun Planet Stories (Australia) (*)
The Haunt of Horror Popular Science Fiction
Haunts Potato Monkey
Heavy Metal (*) Redsine
The Hidden World The Rhizome Factor
Hollow Faces, Merciless Moons Ripples (*)
Horror: The Illustrated Book of Fears Satellite Series
Horror Carousel Science Fiction (Australia) [1952]
Horror Garage Science Fiction Adventures (Australia) (*)
Horror Sex Tales Science Fiction Library [1955]
The Horror Show Science Fiction Monthly (Australia)
Horror Stories [1935] Scientific Thrillers
Horror Stories [1971] Selected Science-Fiction Magazine
Hor-tasy Shoggoth
House Carfax Startling Stories (Australia)
HPL Super Science Stories (Australia) (*)
H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror Terror Australis
HPL Supplement Thrills Incorporated
Hungur (*) Thrilling Wonder Stories (Australia) (*)
Hunkazine Under Magellanic Clouds (*)
HunterGatheress Journal (*) Unknown Worlds (Australia) (*)
Icarus Venture Science Fiction (Australia) (*)
Icarus Ascending Vision of Tomorrow
Ice River Void Science Fiction & Fantasy
If Winedark Sea
Imaginative Tales
Indigenous Fiction
Infinity [1982] Canada
Infinity Cubed All Hallows
Infinity Science Fiction Amazing Stories (Canada) (*)
Inhuman Amazing Stories Quarterly (Canada)
Iniquities A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine (Canada) (*)
Innsmouth Tales The Ancient Track
Insatiable Astonishing Stories (Canada)
Insidious Reflections Astounding Stories (Canada) (*)
Inspired Novels (*) Authentic Science Fiction (Canada) (*)
Inter-Argo Beyond the Fields We Know
International Science Fiction Bizarre [1948]
Into the Darkness The Book of Terror
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Anthology Borderland
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Brief Fantastic Tales
Jabberwocky [1989] Challenging Destiny
Jeet Copper Toadstool
Jim Baen's Universe (online) Dark Fantasy
John Chance vs. Dread: The Apocalypse Dark Matter
Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives Doc Savage (Canada)
Journal Wired Dragonbane
Just SF Dragonfields
Kadath [1974] Edge Detector
Kaleidotrope Eerie Tales
Keen Science Fiction! Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Canada) (*)
Labyrinth Fantastic Novels (Canada) (*)
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Fantastic Story Quarterly (Canada) (*)
Last Wave Frightmares (*)
The Late Late Show Imelod (*)
LC-39 Irregular Quarterly (*)
The Leading Edge The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Literature
Leaves Kopfhalter
Leviathan Moonscape
Lightspeed (online) Neo-opsis
The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror New Worlds Science Fiction (Canada) (*)
Little Green Men (*) NFG: Writing with Attitude
Lords of the Abyss Night Gaunt
Lore Northern Fusion
Lost Sanctum NorthWords
Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine On Spec
Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries Out of this World Adventures (Canada)
Lullaby Hearse Parsec (*)
Lunatic Chameleon Planet Stories (Canada) (*)
Macabre [1957] Polygraff
Macabre [1972] Potboiler
Maelstrom Speculative Fiction (*) Science Fantasy [1954] (Canada) (*)
Magabook [1963] Science Fiction [1941]
The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (*) Science Fiction Adventures (Canada) (*)
The Magazine of Edgar Rice Burroughs Stardock
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Stardust SF
Magazine of Horror Startling Stories (Canada) (*)
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry (*) The Storyteller
The Mage Super Science (and Fantastic) Stories (Canadian) (*)
Magic Realism (*) Thirteen Stories
Malevolence (*) Thrilling Wonder Stories (Canada) (*)
Manifest Destiny Timewarp (*)
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine TransVersions
The Martian Wave Uncanny Tales [1940]
Marvel Science Fiction Weird Tales (Canada) (*)
Marvel Science Stories Wonder Story Annual (Canada) (*)
Marvel Stories  
Marvel Tales [1934]
Marvel Tales [1939] Internova
Midnight Carnival Tales from the Transdimensional Horror Express
Midnight Graffiti  
Midnight Graffiti Special Ireland
Midnight Hour Albedo One
Midnight Shambler Beyond the Rose
Midnight Sun Black Rose
Midnight Zoo FTL
Mind Inc./Magazine (*)  
Mind Magic Italy
Mindmares Kadath [1979]
Mindsparks (*)  
Minnesota Fantasy Review New Zealand
Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories Dynamic Science Fiction (New Zealand) (*)
Modern Electrics Nebula Science Fiction (New Zealand) (*)
Modern Mechanics and Inventions New Worlds Science Fiction (New Zealand) (*)
Modern Stories [1983] Planet Stories (New Zealand) (*)
Monster Parade Science Fantasy [1954] (New Zealand) (*)
Monsters and Things
Monster Sex Tales
Mooreeffoc: Fiction in the Mythic Tradition
The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever Told
Mount to the Stars
Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review (*)  
Myrddin Singapore
Myrrh Macabre [2002]
My Self Magazine  
The Mysterious Traveler Magazine South Africa
The Mysterious Wu Fang
Mystic Magazine  
The Mystic Muse  
Mythic Delirium  
Mythos Collector  
Nameless Magazine  
Nebula Science Fiction (US) (*)  
Necrotic Tissue (*)  
The Nekromantikon  
The New Adventures of Frankenstein  
New Blood  
New Destinies  
New Fantasy Journal  
New Genre  
New Orleans Stories  
New Pathways Into Science Fiction And Fantasy  
New Worlds Science Fiction (US)  
Night Chills  
Night Cry  
Night Flights  
Nightmare (online)  
Night Runes  
Night Shopping  
Night Terrors (*)  
Night Voyages  
Night Voyages Poetry Review  
Nøctulpa, Journal of Horror  
Nocturnal Classics  
Nocturne [1988]  
Not One of Us  
Nova Express  
Nova Science Fiction (*)  
Nth Degree  
Oceans of the Mind  
Odyssey [1976]  
Once Upon a World (*)  
Oracle Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology Magazine  
Orbit Science Fiction  
The Original Science Fiction Stories  
Orion's Child Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine  
Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show (online)  
Other Worlds [1988]  
Other Worlds (Science Stories)  
Outer Darkness (*)  
The Outer Limits: An Illustrated Review  
Outer Reaches  
Out of this World Adventures  
Ozment's House of Twilight  
Oz-story Magazine  
Palace Corbie  
parAbnormal Digest  
Paradox [1982]  
Paradox [2003]  
Parchment Symbols (*)  
Penny Dreadful  
Perdition Press  
Perry Rhodan  
Phantasy Digest  
Phantom Magazine [2006]  
Phantom Drift  
Pioneer Tales  
Pirate Writings  
Planet Stories  
Post Mortem  
Practical Electrics  
Pravic Magazine (*)  
Prelude to Fantasy  
Primordial Eye  
Prisoners of the Night  
Prize Ghost Stories  
Proud Flesh  
Pulp Eternity  
Pulphouse: A (Weekly) (Fiction) Magazine  
Pulphouse Fiction Spotlight  
Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine  
Pulp Magazine  
Pulp Reader  
Pulp Tales  
Radio News  
Random Realities  
Rare Constellations (*)  
Razar Magazine  
Realms (*)  
Realms of Fantasy  
Real Spicy Horror Tales  
The Recluse  
Red Eft (*)  
Red Planet Earth (*)  
Red Scream  
REH: Lone Star Fictioneer  
The Rejected Quarterly (*)  
Return to Wonder  
Revelations from Yuggoth  
Rigel Science Fiction  
Risque Stories  
Rocket Stories  
Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine  
Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine Special  
Roswell Incident Alternate Theory Anthology  
Salarius (*)  
The Sasquatch Have Their Ways (*)  
Satellite Science Fiction  
Saturn, The Magazine of Science Fiction  
Scared Naked Magazine  
Science Adventure Stories  
Science and Invention  
Science Fantasy [1970]  
Science Fantasy Correspondent  
Science Fantasy Series  
Science Fantasy Yearbook  
Science Fiction  
Science Fiction Adventure Classics  
Science Fiction Adventures [1952]  
Science Fiction Adventures [1956]  
Science Fiction Adventures [1974]  
Science Fiction Adventures Yearbook  
Science Fiction Age  
Science Fiction Classics [1931]  
Science Fiction Classics [1942]  
Science Fiction Classics [1967]  
Science Fiction Classics Annual  
Science Fiction Digest [1932]  
Science Fiction Digest [1951] (*)  
Science Fiction Digest [1954]  
Science Fiction Digest [1981]  
Science Fiction Eye  
Science Fiction Greats  
Science-Fiction Plus  
Science Fiction Quarterly  
Science Fiction Review [1990]  
Science Fiction Series  
Science Fiction Stories  
Science Fiction Trails  
Science Fiction Yearbook  
Science Stories  
Science Wonder Quarterly  
Science Wonder Stories  
Scientific Detective Monthly  
The Scorpion [2006]  
The Scream Factory (*)  
Seldon Seen  
Select Science Fiction  
SF International  
Shadows (Of...)  
Shadow Sword  
The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine  
The Shaver Mystery Magazine (*)  
Shelter of Daylight (*)  
Shock [1948]  
Shock [1960] (*)  
Shock Tales  
Shock Totem  
Shudder Stories  
The Silver Web  
Sinister Stories  
Songs of Innocence  
Sorcerer's Apprentice  
Sounds of the Night (*)  
Space Adventures (Classics)  
Space and Time  
Space Grits  
Space Journal  
Space Science Fiction  
Space Science Fiction Magazine  
Space Stories  
Space Travel  
Spectral Tales  
Spectrum Stories  
Spellbound [1993]  
Spellbound [1999]  
Spicy Air Tales  
Spicy Zeppelin Stories  
Spinning Whorl  
Spoor Anthology  
SPWAO Showcase  
Stardust [1940]  
StarQuest (*)  
Star Science Fiction  
Startling Mystery Magazine  
Startling Mystery Stories  
Startling Science Stories  
Startling Stories  
Startling Stories (2006)  
Star Trek: The Next Generation (*)  
The Sterling Web  
Stirring Science Stories  
Strange Days (*)  
Strange Fantasy  
Strange Plasma  
Strange Romances  
Strange Stories  
The Strangest Stories Ever Told  
Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror  
Strange Worlds  
Street & Smith's Unknown  
Stygian Articles  
Subterranean Magazine  
Subterranean (online)  
Super-Science Fiction  
Super Science Novels Magazine  
Super Science Stories  
Suspense Tales  
Sword & Sorcery Annual  
Sybil's Garage  
Tabard Inn  
Tales as Like as Not  
Tales of Lovecraftian Horror  
Tales of Magic and Mystery  
Tales of Moreauvia (*)  
Tales of Terror from the Beyond  
Tales of the Frightened  
Tales of the Talisman  
Tales of the Unanticipated  
Tarzan of the Apes  
10 Story Fantasy  
Terminal Fright  
Terra Incognita  
Terror Tales [1934]  
Terror Time Again (*)  
Tesseract Science Fiction  
A Theater of Blood (*)  
Thin Ice  
Thirteenth Moon  
Threshold of Fantasy  
The Thrill Book  
Thriller [1962]  
Thrilling Science Fiction (Adventures)  
Thrilling Wonder Stories  
Thrills & Chills (*)  
Through the Corridor...  
Titanic Tales  
Toadstool Wine  
The Tome  
Tomorrow Speculative Fiction  
Tops in Science Fiction  
Trails (*)  
Treaders of Starlight  
Treasury of Great Science Fiction Stories  
Tri-State Fantasist  
True Mystic Confessions  
True Mystic Crimes  
True Strange Stories [1929]  
True Strange (Stories) [1956]  
True Supernatural Stories  
True Twilight Tales  
True Weird (Stories)  
Trunk Stories  
Turbocharged Fortune Cookie  
Twilight Tales Presents  
The Twilight Zone  
Twisted Magazine  
Two Complete Science-Adventure Books  
The Ultimate Unknown (*)  
Uncanny Stories  
Uncanny Tales [1939]  
Unique [1978]  
Unique (Tales) [1937]  
Unique Tales [1974]  
Universe Science Fiction  
Unknown (Worlds)  
Unusual Stories  
The Urbanite  
Vampire Dan's Story Emporium  
The Vampire's Crypt  
Vanguard Science Fiction  
VB Tech Journal  
Venture Science Fiction  
Vicious Circle  
Violent Legends  
The Vortex [1947]  
Vortex Science Fiction  
Wax Dragon  
Web Terror Stories  
Weird Adventures  
Weirdbook Encores  
The Weirdbook Sampler  
Weird Heroes  
Weird Mystery  
Weird Sex Tales  
Weird Stories  
Weird Tales  
Weird Tales Library  
Weird Terror Tales  
Weird Worlds  
Werewolf Magazine (*)  
Whispered Legends  
Whispers from Beyond  
Whispers from the Shattered Forum  
White Knuckles  
Wicked Hollow  
Wicked Karnival  
Wild Cat Books Presents... (*)  
Wild Cat Books Special Edition  
Wild Cat Pulps  
Wildside (*)  
The Willows  
Windhaven (*)  
Witchcraft & Sorcery  
The Witch's Tales  
Withersin (*)  
Witness to the Bizarre  
Wonder Stories  
Wonder Stories Quarterly  
Wonder Story Annual  
World of If Anthologies  
Worlds Apart  
Worlds Beyond  
Worlds Lost...Time Forgotten (*)  
Worlds of Fantasy [1968]  
Worlds of Fantasy & Horror  
Worlds of Tomorrow  
Wright's Shakespeare Library  
Yearnings (*)  
The Year's Best Fantastic Fiction  
Yellow Bat Review  
Yog's Notebook  
Zahir (*)  
Zero Gravity Freefall