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Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the Western Fiction Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Magazines flagged (**) are those for which we have no concrete information at all (and which, indeed, may not even exist). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Ace-High (Western) (Stories) (Magazine) (*) Ace Gripping Action Westerns
Ace-High Novels (Monthly) Ace High Western Stories (UK)
Action-Packed Western (*) Ace-High Western Stories Magazine (UK) (*)
All-American Western Ace Western [1946]
All-Novel Western (*) Ace Western [1949]
All-Story Western Action Western Stories
All Western Magazine All Star (Western Story (& Frontier) Magazine) (*)
American Pioneer Tales All Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Avon Western Reader Amazing Western
Best Western (Novels) (Magazine) (*) American Western Magazine
The Big Adios Western Digest American Western Stories
Big-Book Western Magazine Arizona Western
Big Chief Western Bar-X Western Magazine
Big Double Feature Magazine Big-Book Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Big Story Magazine (*) Blue Ribbon Western (UK) (*)
Blazing Guns Western Story Magazine Complete Cowboy (UK)
Blazing Western Complete Western Book Magazine (UK) (*)
Blue Ribbon Western (*) Cowboy Stories (UK)
Buck Jones Western Stories Cowboy Story Magazine (*)
Bull's-Eye Western Stories Dime Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Candid Western (**) Double Action Western Stories
Complete Cowboy (Novel Magazine) (*) Double-Action Western (UK) [1942]
Complete Northwest (Novel) (Magazine) (*) Double-Action Western (UK) [1954] (*)
Complete Novel Magazine (*) Dynamic West
Complete Novel Western (**) Empire Frontier (*)
Complete Western Book Magazine (*) Exciting Western (Fiction/Stories) (UK) (*)
Complete Western Love Novelettes Famous Western (UK) [1945]
Cowboy Action Novels (*) Famous Western (UK) [1950s] (*)
Cowboy Life (*) Fantastic Western (**)
Cowboy Movie Thrillers Fast-Action Western Stories
Cowboy Romances Fifteen Western Tales (UK) (*)
Cowboy Short Stories (*) Fighting Western (UK) (*)
Cowboy Stories (*) .44 Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Crack-Shot Western (*) (The) Frontier (Stories) (UK) (*)
Dime Western Magazine (*) Frontier Western Stories
Double-Action Western (*) Giant Western (UK) (*)
Exciting Western The Golden West (*)
Famous Western (*) Hands Up!
Far West Jim Hatfield (Texas Ranger) (Magazine)
Far West Illustrated Magazine Masked Rider Western (UK) (*)
Far West Romances (*) Max Brand's Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Far West Stories Mellifont All-Western Library (*)
Fawcett's Triple-X Magazine (*) Mystery Western
Fifteen Range Romances (*) New Western Magazine (UK) [1941] (*)
15-Story Western (**) New Western Magazine (UK) [1950] (*)
Fifteen Western Range Romances (**) New Western Stories (*)
Fifteen Western Tales North•West Stories (UK) (*)
Fighting Western Paget's 1/- Westerns
Five-Cent Western (**) Popular Western (UK) (*)
Five Star Western Novelets (*) Ranch Romances (UK) (*)
Five Western Novels Rangeland Romances (UK) (*)
5 Western Novels Magazine Range Riders (Western) (UK) (*)
.44 Western Magazine (*) Real Western Stories (UK) (*)
(The) Frontier (Stories) Rip-Roaring Western
Giant Gunsmoke Rodeo Romances (UK)
Giant Western Round-Up Magazine (UK) (**)
The Golden West Magazine [1927] (*) Round-Up Western (**)
Golden West Magazine [1936] (*) Screen Cowboy Stories
Golden West Romances Six-Gun Western (UK) (*)
Greater Western Action Novels Six-Gun Western Stories
Greater Western Magazine Star Western (UK) (*)
Great Western Fiction Stirring Western Stories (*)
Gunsmoke Street & Smith's Western Adventure
Gunsmoke Western [1937] (*) Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (UK) (*)
Gunsmoke Western [1947] 10 Story Western Magazine (UK)
Gun-Swift Western (*) Texas Rangers (UK) (*)
Hopalong Cassidy 3 Star Western Stories
Hopalong Cassidy's Western Magazine Thrilling Ranch Stories (UK) (*)
Indian Stories Thrilling Western (UK) [1940s] (*)
Kelly's Magazine Thrilling Western (UK) [1948]
(The) Lariat Story Magazine (*) Top Western (UK)
Leading Western Two Gun Western (UK) [1949]
The Lone Ranger (Magazine) Two-Gun Western Stories (UK) [1952]
Lone Star Ranger (**) West (UK) (*)
Long John Latham's Western (Fiction) Magazine Western Action (UK) (*)
Louis L'Amour Western Magazine Western Adventure
Love Western Stories (*) Western Adventures (UK)
Luke Short's Western Western Album
Mammoth Western Western Magazine (UK) [1949] (*)
Mammoth Western Quarterly (*) Western Magazine (UK) [1980]
(The) Masked Rider Western (Magazine) Western Novels and Short Stories (UK) (*)
Maverick (**) Western Romances (UK) (*)
Mavericks Western Shorts (*)
Max Brand's Western Magazine Western Short Stories (UK) (*)
Movie Western (*) Western Star Adventure
Near Miss Western Western Stories (UK) (*)
New Western Magazine (*) Western Story Magazine (UK) (*)
Nickel Western Western Story Magazine [1966] (UK) (*)
North•West Romances Western Tales (UK) [1948]
North•West Stories (*) Western Tales (UK) [1950] (*)
Outlaws of the West (*) Western Yarns (UK) [1942]
The Pecos Kid Western Western Yarns (UK) [1945]
Pete Rice Magazine/Western Adventures Wild West Weekly (UK) (*)
Pioneer Tales Yankee Western Shorts
Pioneer Western [1937] Zane Grey's Western Magazine (UK) (*)
Pioneer Western [1950] Zed Montana's Western Magazine (*)
Pocket Western Magazine [1937]  
Pocket Western Magazine [1950] Australia
Popular Western (*) Ace-High Western Stories (Australia)
Posse Ace Westerns (*)
Prize Western Action Western (*)
Quick Trigger Western Magazine/Stories of the West All Action Western Stories
Quick Trigger Western Novels Magazine American Diamond Western (*)
Ranch Love Stories American Dollar Western (*)
Ranch Romances (& Adventures) (*) American Ranch Romances (*)
Rangeland Love Stories [1933] (*) American Western (Australia) (*)
Rangeland Love Stories [1936] (*) American Western Romance (*)
Rangeland Love Stories [1950] (*) American Wild West Magazine (*)
Rangeland Love Story Magazine (*) Ayjay Westerns (*)
Rangeland Romances (*) Badlands Westerns (*)
Rangeland Stories (*) Blazing Western Stories
Rangeland Sweethearts (*) Big-Book Western Magazine (Australia) (*)
Range Riders (Western) (*) Bullseye Western (Monthly) (*)
Rapid-Fire Western Stories (*) Bushranger Western (*)
Real Northwest (Adventures) Dead Shot
Real Western (Stories) (*) Exciting Western (Australia) (*)
Real Western Mystery Novels (**) Famous Cowboy Stories (*)
Real Western Romances (*) Frontier Tales (*)
Red Seal Western (*) Frontier Western(s) (*)
Red Star Western Giant Western (Australia) (*)
Riders of the Range GP Western Stories (*)
The Rio Kid Western Gun-Men Westerns (*)
Roaring Western Stories Gun Packed Westerns
Rodeo Romances (*) Gunpowder Westerns (*)
Romance Range Gunsmoke Western (Australia)
Romance Round-Up (*) Gunsmoke Western Stories (Australia) (*)
Romance Western (Roundup) (*) Indian Stories (Australia) (*)
Romantic Range Indian Western Magazine (*)
Romantic Round-Up (**) Lariat Western (Story Magazine) (*)
Romantic West Annual Leisure Westerns (*)
Romantic Western Lone Star Western (Australia) (*)
Romantic Western Novel Magazine (*) Masked Rider Western (Australia) (*)
The Round-Up (*) New Western Stories (Australia) (*)
Science Fiction Trails Outlaw Westerns
Screen Western Stories Prairie Westerns (*)
Silver Buck Western Quick Trigger Westerns (Australia)
Six-Gun Western [1937] Ranch Romances (Australia) (*)
Six-Gun Western [1946] Rangeland Westerns (Australia) (*)
Six-Gun Western [2010] (*) Range Western (*)
Six Shooter Western Rio Grande Western
Smashing Western (*) Rodeo Romances (Australia) (*)
Speed Western Stories Six Gun Westerns (Australia) (*)
Spicy Western Stories Six-Gun Western Stories (Australia)
Spur Western Novels (*) 6 Star Western Stories (*)
Star Western (*) Star Western (Australia) (*)
Stirring Detective and Western Stories Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (Australia) (*)
Story Western Magazine (**) Texas Rangers (Australia) (*)
Street & Smith's Far West Romances (*) Texas Westerns
Street & Smith's Far West Stories Thrilling Ranch Stories (Australia) (*)
Street & Smith's Romantic Range Thrilling Western (Australia) [1940s] (*)
Street & Smith's Western Story "Overseas Edition for Armed Forces" (*) Thrilling Western (Australia) [1950s] (*)
Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (*) Trigger Westerns
Super Western Magazine Two-Gun Westerns (Australia) (*)
Sure-Fire Western West (Australia) (*)
10 Story Western Magazine (*) Western Magazine (Australia)
Texas Rangers Western Monthly (Australia) (*)
Texas Western Western Novels (Australia) (*)
3-Book Western Western Romance Stories
Three Western Novels Magazine Western Stories (Australia) (*)
Thrilling Ranch Stories (*) Western Story Magazine (Australia) (*)
Thrilling Western (*) Wild West Stories (Australia)
Thrilling Western Magazine [1968] Young's Action Western Stories (*)
Top-Notch Western Zane Grey's Western Magazine (Australia) (*)
Tops in Westerns (*)  
Tops in Western Stories Canada
Top Western (**) Ace-High (Western Stories) Magazine (Canada) (*)
Top Western Fiction Annual All New Western Stories (*)
Top Western Stories All-Story Western (Canada) (*)
Trails (*) All Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Treasury of Great Western Stories Big-Book Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Triple Western Big Western Stories (Canada) (*)
Triple-X (Western) Magazine (*) Bill Wayne's Western
True Adventures [1925] (*) Cowboy Stories (Canada) (*)
True Western and Far West (**) Dimebooks Western Stories (*)
True Western Stories (*) Dime Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Two-Book Western Magazine (**) Double-Action Western (Canada) (*)
Two Gun (Western) Stories (*) Dynamic Western (*)
Two-Gun Western (Novels) (*) Dynamic Western Stories (*)
Two Gun Western Action Books Exciting Western (Canada) (*)
Two-Gun Western Stories (*) Fiction Quarterly
2 Western-Action Books Fifteen Western Tales (Canada) (*)
Two Western Books Five Star Western Stories (*)
Two Western Romances .44 Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Variety Western (*) Frontier Stories (Canada) (*)
Wagon Train Golden West Romances (Canada) (*)
Walt Coburn's Action Novels Hopalong Cassidy's Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Walt Coburn's Western Magazine Masked Rider Western (Canada) (*)
West (*) Max Brand's Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Ace High Stories New Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Aces The Pecos Kid Western (Canada) (*)
Western Action (Novels Magazine) (*) Popular Western (Canada) (*)
Western Action Thrillers (**) Ranch Romances (Canada) (*)
Western Adventures [1930] (*) Rangeland Love Stories (Canada) [1950] (*)
Western Adventures [1940] Rangeland Love Story Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Book (**) Rangeland Romances (Canada) (*)
Western Crime Stories Range Riders Western (Canada) (*)
Western Dime Novels Real Western (Canada) (*)
Western Fiction Magazine [1935] (*) The Rio Kid Western (Canada) (*)
Western Fiction Magazine [1970] Rodeo Romances (Canada) (*)
Western Fiction Magazine [2020] Romance Round-Up (Canada) (*)
Western Fiction Monthly (*) Romance Western (Canada) (*)
Western Love (*) Romantic Range (Canada) (*)
Western Love Romances (*) Roundup (Canada)
Western Love Stories (*) Smashing Western (Stories) (Canada) (*)
Western Love Story Magazine Star Western (Canada) (*)
Western Magazine Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Novelets (1936/7) 10 Story Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Novelets (1939) Texas Rangers (Canada) (*)
Western Novel Magazine Thrilling Ranch Stories (Canada) (*)
The Western Novel of the Month (**) Thrilling Western (Canada) (*)
Western Novels and Short Stories (*) Triangle Quarterly
Western Outlaws Triple Western (Canada) (*)
The Western Raider Universal Western
Western Rangers (*) Walt Coburn's Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Rangers Stories West (Canada) (*)
Western Rodeo Romances (*) Western Aces (Canada) (*)
Western Romance Anthology Western Action (Canada) (*)
Western Romances [1929] (*) Western Digest (*)
Western Romances [1950s] (*) Western Love Romances (Canada) (*)
Western Round-Up (*) Western Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Short Stories (*) Western Story Magazine (Canada) (*)
Western Story Annual Western Trails (Canada) (*)
Western Story Magazine (*) Wild West Weekly (Canada) (*)
Western Story Roundup [1951]  
Western Story Roundup [1955] (*) Ireland
Western Supernovel Magazine Green Star Western (*)
Western Tales [1941]  
Western Tales [1960] New Zealand
Western Tales [1995] Colt Western Magazine (*)
Western Trails (*) Dime Western Magazine (New Zealand) (*)
Western Winners F.P. Western Stories (*)
Western Yarns (*) The G.P. Western Stories (*)
Westland Love Magazine (*)  
Wild Bill Hickock Western (**) South Africa
Wild Western Novels Arrow Western Magazine (*)
Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine (*) Rip Western News
Wild West (Weekly)  
Zane Grey's Western Magazine