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    Top-Notch Magazine [v42 #2, May 15, 1920] (Street & Smith Corporation, 15¢, 160pp+, pulp, cover by John A. Coughlin)
    This issue is an interesting one. It appears that after the contents page was laid out, some of the stories were removed from the issue and the number of pages reduced before it was published. However, the contents page was not revised. The contents page alone would give an erroneous indication of the contents. The first page of the first story in this issue has this notice: “The acute shortage of paper makes it imperative that we reduce the size of this magazine. In a short time we hope to be able to issue it with the usual number of pages. Meantime we ask the indulgence of our readers.” The two stories that were omitted from this issue that are on the contents page are: “Miracle Hour” by John Barrington (nv) and “Well, Now!” by C. S. Montanye (ss).
    Details supplied by Monte Herridge.

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