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    Ace-High Detective Magazine   (about)
    Despite the lurid covers and story titles, Ace-High Detective Magazine ran fairly standard mystery-adventure stories. It only lasted seven issues before folding.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications, Inc.; 2256 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: Ace-High Detective Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Ace-High Detective Magazine (UK)   (about)
    British reprint edition of Ace-High Detective Magazine. Number of issues published not known.

    • Publishers:
      • Thorpe & Porter; Leicester: Ace-High Detective Magazine (UK).

    Ace Mystery:   (about)
    The first three issues of Ace Mystery were really weird horror magazines rather than mystery magazines, offering the usual mix of sadistic fantasy, weird menace and sexual apprehension. The last two issues, retitled Detective Romances, were somewhat more sedate.

    Ace Mystery

    • Publishers:
      • Periodical House, Inc.; 29 Worthington Street, Springfield, MA: Ace Mystery.
    • Editors:

    Detective Romances
    Title changed from Ace Mystery.

    • Publishers:
      • Periodical House, Inc.; 29 Worthington Street, Springfield, MA: Detective Romances.
    • Editors:

    Action Detective Magazine   (about)
    Thin digest that ran for at least 46 issues, mainly printing stories by Australian authors, initially with two short stories per issue and later with just a single novelette. Indexing this title is complicated by the fact that multiple issues have been reported with the same issue number but with different contents.

    • Publishers:
      • Action Comics Pty. Ltd.; 14 Bond Street, Sydney: Action Detective Magazine.

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