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    Detective Casebook
    One of the many British magazines in the 1940s published as a series of booklets with different titles to avoid paper restrictions

    • Publishers:
      • Brown Watson: Detective Casebook.

    Detective Casebook [(#2, March) 1948] (Brown Watson, 1/-, 32pp, quarto)
    This issue is entitled Bedside Detective Casebook.

    Detective Classics:   (about)
    This magazine started life as a war pulp, but, after only four issues under that name, it switched to a detective pulp, under the name Detective Classics, as which it continued for another 22 monthly issues. Each issue typically featured a lead novel followed by a small number of columns and short stories.

    Soldier Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Fiction House, Inc.; 271 Madison Avenue, New York, NY: Soldier Stories.

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