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    Monoshock by David Britton (Savoy, August 24, 1992, 0-86130-086-6, 36pp, lp, gn, cover by Kris Guidio & John Coulthart)
        Described as Merry Melodies meets Blade Runner and subtitled “A Jessie Matthews Special”.

    Motherfuckers: The Auschwitz of Oz by David Britton (Savoy, August 5, 1996, 0-86130-098-X, £14.95, 250pp, hc, no, cover: The Ghost of a Flea by William Blake from 1819) [Lord Horror] [edited by Michael Butterworth]
        Literary horror novel set in a surreal and brutish alternate Britain. Companion to the novel Lord Horror and the “Meng and Ecker” graphic series, both of which were prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act for their uncompromising offensiveness.

    The Truth About Horror by David Britton & Michael Butterworth (Savoy, January 2008, 265pp, hc, nf) [Lord Horror] [Ref. Gilbert Lawford Dalton]
        A masterpiece of appropriation art: a reimagining of The Truth About Wilson by W.S.K. Webb, originally published in 1962. Britton has retained the entire text, merely replacing all references to Wilson (“The Wonder Athlete”) with the name Lord Horror. The original captions to all of the book’s illustrations have been rewritten, and Britton has contributed new illustrations, revamped some of the originals as well as the dust jacket design. Printed for private circulation only, limited to a very small print run of perhaps fewer than 20 copies.

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