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    The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson (Swan River Press, April 2018, €50.00, xvii+197pp, hc, cover by John Coulthart)
        Reprint (Chapman & Hall 1908) Lovecraftian horror novel. Limited to 350 copies of which 300 are signed by Moore, Coulthart and Sinclair. Each copy also includes a CD of original music, composed and performed by multi-instrumentalist Jon Mueller (Volcano Choir, Death Blues) especially for this reissue. Details taken from publisher website.
    • vii · Fear of a Porous Border: William Hope Hodgson’s Liminal Masterpiece · Alan Moore · in 2018
    • 187 · An Aberrant Afterword: Blowing Dust in the House of Incest · Iain Sinclair · ar 1990

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