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    Awakening the Beast (Silhouette Nocturne, October 2009, 978-0-373-25094-3, $4.99, 345pp, pb, an)
        Original anthology of six paranormal romance stories originally published on as separate Sexy Bites ebooks in 2008 and 2009. Authors include Lisa Renee Jones, Olivia Gates, and Linda O. Johnston. Each story preceded by an introduction by the author.
    Details taken from online listing.

    Baby Dreams (Zebra, June 1996, 0-8217-5333-9, $5.50, 463pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson.

    Babylon 5: Omnibus 1 (Boxtree, September 24, 1999, 0-7522-1778-X, £6.99, ii+760pp, pb, om) [Babylon 5]
        SF omnibus of the first three novelizations (all Del Rey 1995): Voices by John Vornholt, Accusations by Lois Tilton, and Blood Oath by John Vornholt. The books are separately paginated.

    Bad Boys on Board (Brava Kensington, April 2003, 0-7582-0428-0, $14.00, tp, oa)
        Hot romantic omnibus.

    Bad Dreams, New Screams (Cemetery Dance Publications, July 17, 2012, 978-1-58767-277-4, $10.00, 30+27pp, ph, oa, cover by Ken Cain)
        A “double” chapbook anthology with two covers, one for each of the two anthologies, limited to 600 unsigned copies.
    Details taken from online listing.
    • · Bad Dreams
    • · The Ghosts of Monsters · Brian Keene · vi Unhappy Endings by Brian Keene, Delirium Books, 2009
    • · A Date with Maggie · Ray Garton · ss Camelot Books, 2004
    • · The American · Douglas Clegg · ss Wild Things: Four Tales by Douglas Clegg, Cemetery Dance, 2006
    • · New Screams
    • · Dr. Johnson’s Patient · C. W. LaSart · ss
    • · The Wings of a Fly · M. Louis Dixon · ss
    • · Meat Socks · Nikki McKenzie · ss

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