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    The Lantern Fox by Garry Kilworth (Mammoth, October 1998, 0-7497-3281-4, £3.99, 87pp, tp, na, cover by Chris Chapman)
        Young-adult fantasy novella.

    Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop by Garry Kilworth (infinity plus, March 5, 2012, 99p, ebook, nv)
        Details taken from online listing.

    Midnight’s Sun: A Story of Wolves by Garry Kilworth (Unwin Hyman, September 27, 1990, 0-04-440683-5, £12.95, 317pp, hc, no, cover by The Pinpoint Design Company)
        Animal fantasy novel about wolves.

    Midnight’s Sun: A Story of Wolves by Garry Kilworth (Grafton, March 1992, 0-586-21495-X, £4.99, 317pp, pb, no, cover by Barry Jones)
        Reprint (Unwin Hyman 1990) animal fantasy novel about wolves.

    A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Garry Kilworth (Bantam UK, September 12, 1996, 0-593-04029-5, £14.99, 325pp, hc, no, cover by Stephen Player)
        Fantasy novel. When the faerie court of Oberon and Titania decamps from a diminishing Sherwood Forest to the New Forest, accompanied by a convoy of New Age travellers, their aura awakens the evil Morgan Le Fey—who hatches a murderous scheme.

    A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Garry Kilworth (Corgi, July 10, 1997, 0-552-14464-9, £5.99, 325pp, pb, no, cover by John Howe)
        Reprint (Bantam UK 1996) fantasy novel.

    Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales by Garry Kilworth (infinity plus, January 2018, 978-0-9957522-3-8, £9.99, 364pp, tp, co, cover by Abel Grimer)
        Reprint (PS Publishing 2006) SF/fantasy/horror collection.

    Monster School by Garry Kilworth (A & C Black, August 30, 2002, 0-7136-6098-8, £4.99, 64pp, tp, gn, cover by Scoular Anderson)
        Juvenile graphic novella.

    The Night of Kadar by Garry Kilworth (Penguin, January 1980, 0-14-004868-5, 95p, 224pp, pb, n., cover by Adrian Chesterman)
        Reprint (Faber and Faber 1978) SF novel.

    Nightdancer by Garry Kilworth (Dolphin, April 2002, 1-85881-712-9, £4.99, 119pp, pb, no, cover by Stuart Williams)
        Young-adult dark fantasy novel, originally announced as Dreamtime: Book 6, last of a 6-book series by different authors.

    On My Way to Samarkand: Memoirs of a Travelling Writer by Garry Douglas Kilworth (Infinity Plus Books, December 12, 2012, 978-1-48020-829-2, £9.99, 359pp, tp, nf)
        Garry Kilworth’s autobiography.

    The Phantom Piper by Garry Kilworth (Methuen, August 8, 1994, 0-416-18913-X, £9.99, 159pp, hc, no, cover by Kenny McKendry)
        Young-adult fantasy novel. When all the adults are magically lured away from a remote Scottish village, their abandoned children know only one way to bring them back.

    The Phantom Piper by Garry Kilworth (Mammoth, November 23, 1995, 0-7497-2387-4, £3.99, 159pp, pb, no, cover by Kenny McKendry)
        Reprint (Methuen 1994) young-adult fantasy novel.

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