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    Western Novelets
    Title changed from Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine.

    Complete Story Magazine:   (about)
    This magazine took over from People’s, whose last issue was v47 #3, 15-Aug-1924. There was a single issue (v1 #1, 1-Jul-1924) prior to this, but the next issue (v1 #2, 10-Sep-1924) is subtitled in the Table of Contents “With which is combined People’s Magazine” and has the People’s numbering (v47 #4) on the spine and the new numbering (v1 #2) in the Table of Contents. This was also true of the next issue (v1 #3/v47 #5, 25-Sep-1924), but thereafter only the new numbering is listed.

    Details supplied by Richard Saunders from the Library of Congress collection unless otherwise indicated.

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